Why Do Most People Fail In Diet?

Why do Most people fail in diet self development toolsStarting a diet is firstly an emotional journey. If your hidden patterns are not resolved, then a diet becomes temporarily solution with „boomerang“ effect.

The first fundamental step in your emotional journey is undo beliefs“ and divorce yourself from limiting beliefs. Nothing from outside can help you as much as you can help yourself. The physical body is just indicator of your current state. Just start asking some questions. What is your first thought when you think about starting a diet? Try to describe the feeling! e.g.,  I will feel angry, overwhelmed,  not willing to leave old food habits, and so on. Give yourself a few minutes to think about all the feelings you believe will occur.

Everything you feel inside is part of your core belief.

Now think for a moment. Imagine that you are talking with your friend. He wants to start a new business, and every time you speak with him, he tells you that economy is not right, it is risky, there will be so many problems & obstacles, how he will manage everything..etc.

What is the first thought about his outcome? Will you bet on that person he will succeed?

Well, probably not. Your intuition is telling you that something must be changed to see different results. Notice how clear you see without any hesitation, other people’s „poor“ thinking. The process of avoiding change is similar to any life situation. We do not want to experience inconvenience, pain, difficulties.

That is natural behavior because starting a diet plan is something new and it is outside your comfort zone.

Probably most people you know talk about their struggles in diet process and over a period of time, these statements become real if you do not correct them intentionally. Do some of these statements sound familiar?

Losing weight is hard.

I do not have time for all requirements in the diet plan.

Where will I find all necessary food that will help me to lose weight?

My family will not follow „healthy“ habits.

How I will manage exercise, family, and other obligations.

I ‘m afraid that I will fail.

If your answer is YES, you got an answer what your core belief is. Mostly these are all complaints and excuses to set you down from stepping into a “river of change”Is there a way to approach this problem in a more convenient way to maintain success? In this whole process, you can notice that one of the main inner obstacles is doubtDoubt is a shield, a cloaking device which always holds you on wanting but not allowingDo you get the difference? Wanting is desire, your „wish“ to lose weight. But that „wanting“ point is not transformed into „allowing and long-lasting satisfaction“ because of your subconscious mind & old paradigms. So, to resolve this issue, we can take a different approach.

If doubt is stopping us from making a result, how can we get rid out of doubt?

The answer is …?

Before it starts!

That is the path which leads you to a different reality. Law is always the same, and it works in every situation. Everything you need to do is to learn how it works. To understand your reality, you must track your emotionsDo you remember the exercise from the beginning?

Let’s repeat the question:

How do you exactly feel when you start thinking about diet process?

Why Do Most People Fail In Diet?

Recognize your current state. It does not matter if you fail or get distracted or feel distracted. Every moment is a new starting point. As you become more and more aware in this emotional journey, you will be more successful in the diet plan.

On this road to success, you will use the power of creation to make the new version of yourself. The crucial point is feeling different in situations of doubt. If you are not feeling good about diet than you are on the wrong vibrational level. To correct those feelings you need to repeat over and over again, new joyful feelings about healthy food.  In creating joyful moments replace old beliefs with new affirmations which will lead you to success.

Old beliefs about diets

It will be hard

I feel overwhelmed

I don’t like fruits

I feel I will fail

I feel stress

I feel hungry

I feel stuck

New beliefs about diet

I am enjoying in new food

I feel support of my family

I am enjoying in various of fruits

I have complete trust in myself

I feel so much energy I can do more than others

I always eat enough, so all of my cells are satisfied

I feel confident, and I can use every moment for new start


There are so many self-development tools, coaching programs, which are created to help people for weight-loss issues. They all make things easier, but you need to start!. 

What can you do next?

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