Why Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work For You?

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Do you know why Law of Attraction doesn't work for you?I heard so many stories, complaints, and judgments how Law of Attraction does not work.

After the boom of “Secret,” so many people wanted to change their life “overnight, ” and they were disappointed facing the failure. They judged techniques for attracting more money, abundance, relationships, everything. Somehow for them, it did not work.

Are you one of them?

If you are reading this article, probably you have some issues with applying Law of Attraction and getting what you want. I remember the period when I watched Jim Carrey’s success story and his technique for attracting money. Like many of others, I tried the same thing. I wrote myself check, carried in the wallet like he did and it didn’t work. Looks familiar? 🙂

First of all the Law does work. If thousands of others applied and succeeded, it must be some something other that blocks the way for achieving success. Mastering the Law of Attraction demands patience and commitment to unlearning, learning and creating manifestations. Writing yourself check for million dollars will not change anything if you continue to act, feel and think the same way. Or it can do even worse if you don’t understand yours’ responding. Let’s analyze what’s happening in the example of attracting more money and writing yourself a check for million dollars.

Pay attention to your inner thoughts

When you think about attracting million dollars, what’s the first thought you think? Be honest with yourself. Are your thoughts are something like :

  • How do you think you could do that?

  • You don’t have enough to pay other things,

  • Money does not come just like that,

  • How could you believe in such nonsense,

  • Life is not Donald Trump,

  • I do not believe it is possible, but I will try

  • These things only happen in the movies…

Be aware of your beliefs

If these thoughts are similar to yours, be assured that Law of Attraction will not work for you because you are asking from the position of lack and with limiting beliefs.

First, you need to remove all the obstacles to be able to attract whatever you what. Universe has unlimited resources; only you have limiting beliefs.

So, let’s repeat. Law of Attraction does work; it demands from you only to apply it right, with real feelings. To discover the world of possibilities you need to be willing to let go of old beliefs which don’t serve you. You can use emotional freedom techniques, coaching programs, or other self-development tools and programs. It takes some time, but it is worth it.

My powerful exercise

If you carry in your wallet million dollar check try to do this exercise to develop better relationship regarding money:

1. Take your check or bill in the hand

2. Close your eyes

3. In your mind go to a place in future where you are already multi-millionaire, and you are supposed to write a check for million dollars to yourself in the present

4. Include all five senses to help you experience this moment.

Describe what you see? Where are you? What colors do you see?

What sounds do you hear? Is it loud or quiet,?

What’s the feeling holding the pen in your hand?

How do you feel inside? Do you feel heavy of light?

What’s smell around you? What ‘s the taste in your mouth?

Be aware fullness of this whole moment. You are about to write a check to yourself from the future to yourself at this moment to prove it, how it is already here. Look at this check what you wrote. Turn the other side and write a personal message to you for the times of doubts.

My message was: IMAGINE, BELIEVE, GO. Choose your message and every time you open your wallet and see the check/bill you will be able to remember the feeling of the moment and message you have received.

It is so powerful.

Decide you are going to practice self-development tools and let go of all limiting beliefs that do not serve you. 

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your beliefs.
2. READ more about D.A.R.E. principle
3. JOIN the FREE training and Learn How To Go From Zero To Multimillionaire
4  SEE the message FOR YOU.

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