Where is “WORK” in Law of Attraction?

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Where is “WORK” in Law of Attraction?Many people skip understanding the Law of Attraction basic principles. Marketing ads are very creative when it comes to LOA, and I have no specific objections about that, everybody should do what resonates with them. For me, it is far a more important issue to deliver the message in the right way, so you do not get disappointed and frustrated because it is not like in “Aladdin’s story.” The most general and most accurate answer we can give you about “work” in applying Law of Attraction is that you really need to WORK. Yes, yes. It is not like you will look at the sky, say your wishes and everything will instantly manifest at your eyes. Not even close. At least not at this conscious level. It is a Universal fact that all of your thoughts also have energetic value and they all exist as possibilities ready to be manifested. Scientists are very much aware of the importance of possibilities every time they do the test case. 

There are many reasons why Law of Attraction does not work for you, and maybe all you can see of LOA is free parking space. Mastering the Law of Attraction needs time and commitment for unlearning, learning and creating manifestations. Small expressions like parking free parking space, avoiding traffic jams, etc., are still little wishes you are comfortable with. No matter what is your current belief, at that point, you have no inner conflicts about believing this can happen, so it is easy to listen to inner guidance to lead you straight to free parking space. And that is fantastic beginning. However, to get more, you need to become more. It is not an empty phrase, it about to become more competent, skilled, self-disciplined, self-confident, calm, assertive, easy to talk with, loving, solution-oriented, creative, more alive… And that is serious work. 

All qualities above are developed by consistent and deliberate action, by using and applying self-development tools at daily basis. We already explained the difference between motivation and self-development. Motivation will not do the work for you. It is like you expect from diet program to lose weight just by reading healthy recipes. You will get zero results unless you apply it and start eating healthy food and exercising. The same is with Law of Attraction. You need to work daily 24/7 to match your desires. Here on self-development tools, you will find a lot of useful lessons. It cannot be all written in one article. So, take time to absorb these principles and start practicing.

Basic Law of Attraction work includes: 


After you did all this repeatedly and notice positive results of your wish, you will not perceive it like some positive psychology or new age stuff. Probably you will not even call it Law of Attraction. Instead, it will be a common sense which it really is

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your thoughts.
2. READ about the process of deliberate creation
3. Take a short quiz to find out why Law of Attraction is not working for you. 
4  SEE the message FOR YOU.

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