What Means To Be An Average?

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What means to be an averageDo you know what means to be an average? Throughout my own experience, I found that not being willing to be better than yesterday is being an average. Yes, it is legitimate to act as you want, but then you have life without passion. Being an average has nothing to do with school grades. You can even have excellent grades but still, have an average mindset with no idea what is your life purpose or goals.

One thing is sure. You cannot be average and successful. It is just not a match. For example, if you ask a successful person do they agree how:

Being wealthy is a privilege.

The government has high taxes.

Starting business is a risk.

Making money is complicated.

What do you think would be their answer? Successful people would disagree because this is an average mindset. It is not wrong, it just your limiting belief and you can accept to live that kind of life, but it will not make you successful. To look beyond “average,” you need to start being better than yesterdayIt is not even complicated. Just promise yourself every day: 

I will be better than yesterday!

I will be better with my family relationships, with my husband, with my wife, with my children. I will wake up one hour earlier and do all of my positive daily rituals, I will learn about self-development tools, I will be a person worthy of success.

Many individuals in this world have accomplished so much starting out with so very little.  Nothing in this life has a tag “reserved, ” and it is easy to throw a towel if at the initial stage the results are not like you expected. Accomplishing extraordinary results is a question of self-respect and the right level of consciousness. That means you have to grow in knowledge and mindset on a daily basis.

Life beyond “average” is extraordinary and surprising. However, it demands special people who are willing not to get on time to work but to arrive earlier, those who are prepared to go home not when it is time, but when the work is complete, those who are willing to step one mile forward in every situation.

Living the life beyond average does not mean you will always perform at your best and be the best. No, you will not. Everyone goes through different challenges, but you can choose how you will respond to them. Will you have an average mindset and justify yourself how most of the people have same results as you have, and quit trying to reach your goals,  or you will do what it takes and be the part of the solution?? You make a choice and create your experience. I know one thing, if you do just one thing better than you did yesterday and do it every day, the world will not be the same. It will be better because you decided to be more than average.

What can you do next?

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