What is Life Coaching?

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What is Life CoachingSelf-development or personal development industry is becoming more and more significant in personal and business life. It is obvious that many of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and CEO’s use the services of life coaches. We could say that this is the “secret souse” for achieving great success. If you are a sportsman and want to win a medal on Olympic games it is quite natural you have to have the best trainer and coach to help you achieve that goal. The same is with all other targets in personal and business life.

Questions like “What is Life Coaching,” or “What is the role of Life Coach” are the usual questions of the people who first meet with those terms.

life coach role is to guide and inspire his or her client to

  • identify, clarify and create a vision

  • help the client to find different strategies to achieve goals that best fits the client’s personality and system of values,

  • to encourage self-discovery and increase overall productivity.

We are all capable of achieving far more with the support of real life or business coach than we would do by own.

What will you do with a life coach?

Once you start coaching process, you got to know that coaching is not therapy. It is a specific process of discovering your potential with a focus only on the present and future. Coach is here to help you move from the current position in the direction of your desired outcomes. In most cases high delivered coaching will not give you advice. The coach will use all his experience and deep listening skills to discover along with you all necessary steps to implement unique solutions.

There are many specialized life coaches for a different area from performance result, weight loss, dating, parenting, and all other areas, so don’t worry how nobody can help you with your problem. Certainly, it can.

In the whole process of coaching, you can cover many areas like:

  • Identifying your goals, life purpose and your unique vision of success

  • Creating specific professional and personal action plans

  • Analyzing performance

  • Dealing with negative beliefs and emotions

  • Working on financial independence goals

  • Learning to communicate and say no when it’s no

  • Articulating core values

  • Winning promotions, achieving weight loss or fitness goals

  • Cope with pressure and stress.

  • Starting a new business or growing an existing one

  • Being on above average and best version of yourself

  • … and many other areas

Why is life coaching so popular?

I would say that life coaching and business or corporate coaching are missing part of all educational systems. We have learned so many useless data and nothing about how to live a joyful life. Nobody thought us in schools why is important to discover unique potentials, to have a list of goals and dreams, to know your life purpose, to recognizes limiting beliefs, to be the person who makes a difference.

It is so obvious that consciousness is changing and more and more people are willing to stop whining how they cannot and make what they can.  They realize how they need to be an answer.  Coach is no miracle worker, but it will help you to become one if you are willing to do your work.

There is no question about whether we all need a coach or not. We do.  Doing it all by yourself is hard. Successful people know that and hire experts to help them be them to be an answer they are looking for. So, no matter whether your unique talent is to start coaching career or just use coaching services and skills, we want you to be just MORE of YOU. 

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your goals
2. READ how to write life purpose statement.
3. WATCH the  FREE teaching videos how to become successful life coach
4  SEE the message FOR YOU.

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