What About Self-Inventory?

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Have-you-ever-made-a-self-inventoryLike in business, you should decide how often to do personal self-inventory. Will it be on daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis? This analysis will reveal you are you making progress, regress or you are stuck in a dream state. We found the most optimal way to make the self-inventory is a quarterly basis. Give yourself enough time to go through all question or if you have a coach, you’ ll have an extra help to do self-inventory effortlessly.

You can ask yourself these and other questions to get feedback where are you at the moment.

  • What mini goals and easier goals I have accomplished in this three months?

  • What’s the quality of my service, and my results? How would I rate the quality of my service delivery?

  • How would I evaluate my decision making? Did I take 100% responsibility for my decisions and actions?

  • Did I let fear, doubts or any other limiting beliefs to slow down my decision making or goal achieving?

  • How would I rate myself regarding relationships with colleagues, family, friends, husband/wife/partner? Who was the most supportive?

  • How I used my time? Did I miss some opportunities or prosperous situations because of my weak time management?

  • What new skill did I acquire in this three months? Did I impress myself with some extraordinary actions?

  • How many new books, audio programs or other self-development programs & events I visited?

  • Was I committed to my daily positive rituals for balancing my mind, body, and spirit?

If you commit yourself to do regular self-check, after a year, you will be amazed how much you have done. Answers for all of these questions are out of your comfort zone. People who achieve greatness are those who live their lives as there are no boundaries. They go beyond their vision and have no problem with being uncomfortable. These questions can also help people in HR evaluations as part of coaching techniques.

To ensure you are on the right course it is beneficial to make an additional list of all the happy experiences in those three months and note what the occasion was. That way you will get feedback about how your goals and dreams are connected with your real life purpose. Many people become so obsessed trying to get where they think they want to go, and unconsciously forget about who are they becoming along the way. You can be even “successful” manager but with the poor character, full of frustrations, fears and lack of social interaction skills. If you do not approach self-development with integrity and honesty, you will only trap yourself in misery.

So, check yourself and check your goals regularly. What you get in life is a direct result of the person you are becoming. So, use self development tools to make the best version of yourself. Because you deserve it.

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of goals.
2. READ to see do you live life intentionally or by default.
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4 SEE the message for you.

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