We Are Responsible For Own Experience

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 We are Responsible For Own ExperienceNo matter you like it or not, we are responsible for our own experience. It is not some huge revelation; it is a simple fact. Past, present, and future are all of our creations. When we show integrity by accepting responsibility for our actions or inactions, we are becoming the catalyst for own life; we claim the freedom to create life experience. So, it is undeniable that external conditions are only reflections of our thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Imagine you are an engineer for example, who needs to build a great and high building. If you neglect to control work process and use wrong materials for building, what do you think, how strong this building would be? Who is going to be responsible for negative outcomes? Rain, storm, nature or any other external situation or engineer who initially created & built the building? It is obvious, isn’t it?

The same is with all other experiences in our life. If we do not work on our life, indeed life will work on us. You can argue about how this is wrong or unfair, but it will not change your experience because everyone has a choice to set their focus. Maybe you will say: “OK, but how am I responsible for economic crises, losing my job, health, relationships?” If you are asking that kind of questions, you need to become as soon as the possible real practitioner of life and learn how to use a power of focus, intention, choice, self-development and all other tools. Economics situation is a just situation. Your focus defines your perception and makes you the part of the solution or part of the problem.

Safe side or going out on a limb?

If you want to change your current conditions, you will need to be part of the solution and be willing to learn how to create a better experience. The good news is that everyone can do that. Probably at the beginning, you will face with fewer disappointments and failures, but if you want to get fruits of the life, you will need to go out on a limb. It means to be willing to deal with a risk, be prepared to fail if it takes, to get the results and experiences you want. Being on the safe side is like saving the money in your socks. As time goes on, it is inevitable to lose value. Everything you do not use, you lose. You see how you create with “no creation”?

So, start seeking out people with knowledge, who can teach you. Find out what tools they are using to make their life-success system. Control commands are in your hands, and as you expand your consciousness, you will begin to attract circumstances, people & situations that will be supportive parts for creating a joyful experience.

Self-development tools are here, but it takes a focused will and conscious decision to make the best of yourself. We know you deserve the best.

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your responsibility.
2. Read more about D.A.R.E. success principle.
3. JOIN the FREE life- transforming training for building your dream life!!
4  SEE the message for you. 

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