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Thank you for having 4 minutes to explore life – useful lessons. Read and breathe slowly. 

Let’s start this self-development article with one game. Find the word that best describes following statements:

It reveals your character,

It makes your relationships easier,

It makes other people feel good,

It helps your mental and physical health,

It makes you more attractive,

It is contagious,

It is free,

It is necessary for all business negotiations,

It is love in action,

It simply feels good,


IT is a SMILE!!

There is nothing more beautiful than honest and sincere smile and so many times we take this power for granted. More precisely, we do not use it to transform & heal our body, to elevate emotions to the higher vibrational states

Power of SMILETo see the difference just try to compare yourself with little kids. How many times they smile..? Hm..who counts!? You expect from them to smile every time you say something. It is a natural way of communication and understanding, and adults should practice it in everyday conversations because it creates instant miracles. When we think about miracles, it is often first association for Law of Attraction. Nevertheless, so many times people get confused by Law of Attraction and miss many parts. Nothing will fall in your hands from the sky just by having a thought or saying something you want. No! Everything goes from inside out. That is the law. You are a co-creator. Try to understand this process: using the power of smile you tune yourself onto higher vibration. Logical? Nevertheless, your good vibration will help others feel better too. When other people feel better, you can expect someone will help you by being the part of circumstances which will manifest your desire. Do you get the point?

Have you ever thought about why we picture smile like the sun? It is the human face; it is light, it is life. Every day when the sun goes up, it puts out the big sign by making us warm, saying to all the world: “Miracle workers wanted!” And you wonder how you can be a miracle worker!? Feel the sun; it says to you: “SMILE .”

Do the smiling test

To see the power of the smile in action, test it on yourself for one day. You do not need to have any purpose at all, just at the end of the day write impressions. You can even comment on this article to share your experiences with others.

The smile test is simple. Smile as much as you can and everywhere. That means when you walk on the street you will smile, no matter if you walk alone. Notice, if you will have trouble with the crowd, would other people smile back to you, how many people will look after you… etc. The same thing you can do at your work, at home, at any place you need to visit, and in any other contact. Of course, this does not mean you will laugh without control. No, you just say and speak the words with a smile. It is a feeling. 

When comes to important questions like: What do you want from life, What’s your biggest wish?”, in most cases, people answer: “I want to be happy. That is the feeling of completeness. The good thing is that you already possess happiness. It is in you. Only you need to reveal it, to wake it up. And the first step is to SMILE.  Don’t make an excuse for not smiling. Start.

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of good feelings.
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4  SEE the message for you. 

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