The Mystery Behind Thoughts

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Mystery behind thoughtsIt would be incomplete to talk about the Law of Attraction and not to mention the meaning of vibrations and energy. We are all vibrational beings.

Like attracts like, says the Law of Attraction.  See how it is evident that without Law of Vibration nothing is possible.

Vibrations and energies correspond to our thoughts and actions. Every thought in our mind is vibrating their frequency. It means every time you think thoughts, your brain sends out certain electromagnetic wave according to your corresponding frequency. 

Creating a momentum

Abraham-Hicks explains this perfectly. Whatever you are focused upon ( pure thought) and your focus is about 17 seconds you activate that vibration within you. You create a match. Like, attracts like. It allows you to draw other same thoughts and after 68 seconds you create momentum. Moments of inspiration, a-ha, indicators what actions you need to do, etc

Simple isn’t it.? Yeah, but in reality, it is hard, because our mind is overloaded with thousands of negative thoughts, fears, doubts, and you need time to clear the mind.

Behind all of our thoughts is nothing more than the pattern of energy. If you look your current situation and circumstances you are facing at; they are all reflection of your thoughts and energy patterns. Same thoughts, same situations.. and you say Law does not work?

Your thoughts, feelings, and actions have a magnetic effect in the world. Every thought is a signal being broadcast to the Universe with a request: Find me another one like that.” So, as long as you think as a human being you are using Law of Attraction. Everyone uses it. But not in a way it serves them. If you try to refuse or deny, it’s useless. Just remember the story how people in history believed that Earth is flat. 🙂

Seek always better-feeling thought

Being aware of how you use your abilities is important. You can’t stop sending signals to Universe, but you can control what kind of signals you’re sending. To be able to create momentum, your thoughts, emotions, and actions need to be aligned at the same frequency. The best advice we can find in Abraham-Hicks teachings for practicing Law of Attraction is: Seek always better feeling thought .“ This is a very practical and useful advice. If you consciously focus your mind to find a better-feeling thought, that better feeling thought will change your emotion and result will be higher vibration. So, you will be on the right track to use Law of Attraction in wanted direction. Start with small steps and learn. 

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your thoughts.
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