Should You Ignore Negative Thinkers?

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Should you ignore negative thinkersLike too much negativity can be toxic, surely it’s the same with false positivity. Learning about self-development means learning about all sides of experience – positive and negative. There is so much criticism of positive psychology, being optimistic, using affirmations, doing meditation or any other tools as people report “failing” with using those tools. Well, these critics are right if you do not use self-development in the right way. As you will find on this site we mentioned enough number of times, self-development, positivity, personal growth is not a “fancy dress”. It is a way of self-discovery, self-development in order to become the best you can be. Moreover, that is the work, a real job. To become best of yourself you need to learn and use different tools & skills which will help you discover inner blocks, useful or useless beliefs, opportunities for progress, and many others. It is one whole Universe of abundance within you ready to be discovered. 

You do not show your positivity at a job or in your home by saying to others: “You need to be positive and look on the bright side.” That is the wrong way and it does not help anyone. It only gives false hope, and you need much more than hope to be the best version of yourself.

Once you learn the meaning of basics of Universal Laws, it is easier to understand the environment around you, the sense of situations & experiences. There is an enormous benefit to learn from negative side and negative thinking. Surprised? It does not mean you will be a negative thinker. No! You will use Law of Relativity to understand how things are not right or wrong, they just are. Only our individual perceptions are different. First, you need to know there is a difference between toxic and negative thinkers. You can learn how to recognize toxic people and avoid them, but also understand the benefits of negative thinkers for yourself.

How can you see the benefits of negative thinkers?

When it comes to solving business problems, it is very interesting that every team has at least one “negative” thinker as a team member. Like in nature, everything needs to be in the balance even though we cannot understand it at the first time. Trying to silence a negative thinker without analyzing benefits of such thinking can be dangerous for a success of the whole team. The most obvious benefit is learning to perceive possible negative situations and cover all work scenarios to create different strategies. It means to be prepared. Real Positive thinker” will not ignore signals of possible negative outcomes. Instead, he will analyze what kind of situations can appear to jeopardize the desired result. Neither one of these situations is cemented to stand exactly. The point is to be as much resourceful as you can be. That is how you use your positivity and self-development knowledge to recognize and create the ability to cope with any situation. Negative situations will occur, the only question is whether you will be ready to deal with them?? Positivity without true skills will only create frustration and stress in those situations. And that is a wasted resource of self-development. This process is the same in all other areas of life, not just business.

Watch your inner reactions

Negative thinkers are also very good individual “teachers” if you know how to use them as the resource to direct yourself for self-growth. As negative thinkers in business teams could be a great resource for strengthening current strategies they can also be a resource for the individuals. If you feel hurt by those negative thinkers and think for example how they want to sabotage your work or discredit your capabilities, it is a perfect time to examine your inner reactions and see why do you have those beliefs. Negative reactions about negative thinkers are clear sign that something in your core belief is also hurt and feels insecurity. That is why self-development tools like different coaching programs or trainings, EFT, meditations can discover the right meaning. Yes, it demands time and work, like everything else. Be willing to do your work. Because you need to.

What can you do next?

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