Self Development Doesn’t Work?

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Self development doesn't workOnce you are on the road of self-development or better to say the self-discovery, it’s inevitable to face with all kinds of challenging situations. So many times people perceive self-development as some kind of motivation or wishful thinking without any steady results. Maybe you will be so enthusiastic first time you hear about Law of Attraction, affirmations, meditation, coaching and other self-development tools that you will think how this is an easy way to reach and live the dream life. The most people try, fail and conclude how Law of Attraction or affirmations does not work. Well, it’s not like that. Your perception is false, and all of your old habits and beliefs keep you down from achieving success. These non-breakthrough stages happen when you don’t use self-development tools properly and with consistency. Self-improvement is a serious work. It requires a great dedication to face fears and weakness, to break the habits of your old self and courage to make the change. All this “positive stuff” can be so overwhelming because it is hard work. However, it does not mean that it will not work.

Do you have your “why” reasons?

Self-improvement involves many starts and stops, ups and downs, successes and failures, everything you can or can’t imagine. When those moments occur, you will need to be prepared with your “why reasons.”  These are your reasons for success, reasons why do you think you deserve to be successful.

Hard moments will sometimes blur your perception, so it will look like nothing works and you will be in temptation to return to your old “ain’t it awful” life. Everything will come to test your motivation, your dedication to affirmations, your commitment to self-improvement. It will look like those hard times will never go away. That is how hard can be. But it is all written in “terms of use” for your life improvement.

So, when you start self-development journey you need to make preparation and use good feeling moments and motivation to address your “why reasons.” These reasons are in correlation with your core values and potential regrets, and they will have great importance in hard times.

For example:

I deserve to have ( ….) because I am ( …)

I need to accomplish ( ..) because I (…)

Those statements are your best self-motivation program. If you do your homework, you will be ready when the hard times come to test your knowledge.  In those times just look what you have written and that will be your best guidance. 

Hollywood does not care about you

All of your talents and passion are here to serve. What impact will your dreams and goals have on other people? Why should anybody care about your self-confidence and passion? Everything you do needs to evolve other people and make their experience better. That is how you build success. Don’t expect Hollywood to care about you. You make “them” care by caring.

Self-development does work if you are willing to work. Life is ready to pay you everything you ask for, but it is up to you to handle the mission

What can you do next?

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