Reinventing Your Reality

Lessons learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza

Thank you for having 4 minutes to explore life – useful lessons. Read and breathe slowly. 

Reinventing Your RealityToday, we have so many teachers from whom we can learn many lessons. One of those is definitely Dr. Joe Dispenza who challenged me with one question: “ Do you know why you do not create your day? “. And his answer was: Because you do not believe it is possible.”

Is it possible that after all scientific proof and research how 95% of who we are by the time we are 35 years old is primarily set of memorized behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs, we are still unconscious of our unconsciousness??

What if YOU CAN reinvent your reality?

The answers are YES; YOU CAN. The hardest part is: not making the same choice as we did the day before 🙂

Biological model of change requires unlearning and learning, breaking the habit of the old self and reinventing a new self. That process neuroscience calls pruning synaptic connections and sprouting new connections.

Here are some of the useful lessons learned for Dr. Joe Dispenza in meditation process of reinventing your reality.

Become conscious who you don’t want to be anymore

It’s important to be aware how it’s entirely possible that we are judging other people and not knowing we do that. Or, we have some guilt about ourselves and some actions we did in the past. It’s not enough to start your day with positive statements and still left alive 20 – 30 years old negative programs. So, you begin your meditation process by being consciously aware of who you don’t want to be anymore (every behavior that gives you negative emotion).

Mentally rehearse of new behaviors you want to experience

After you left old self, you start thinking consciously about your new self, about new thoughts and behavior you want to demonstrate. Repeating over and over again new wanting behaviors will start to install the neurological circuits in your brain, so your brain perceives that experience as it already happened.

Feel the feelings AS IF

In this reinventing process, you bring emotions of how “new ideal” of yourself will feel, sensing what would be like to be the new greatest version of yourself. You give your body “taste” of that experience. Doing that mental thinking you change the biochemical structure in your body, and quantum field needs to respond to who you are being.

Be ready, something unusual is going to happen

After finishing meditation, you will be able to begin your day in the entirely different state because you will feel differently. Your task then is to maintain those conditions throughout the day and be open to respond. The external world is created by internal word so you will see effects. 

Give yourself time for reinventing meditation

It is an individual choice, but the best advice for your in this process is to take time and not feel any pressure. If that means one hour or even more, you should do that.  Maybe by reading these words, you will feel internal conflict by saying: “I do not have so much time. “ Well, that’s your decision. You can choose to do what it takes to become the greater version of yourself, read: happy, joyful, satisfied, loving.. or you live your life by default.

There are so many research studies in neuroscience about how the human mind works, how we can change our programs, beliefs, emotion. It is a real world of science. Be willing to explore.

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of these lessons.
2. READ about the power of visualization.
3. See Dr. Dispeza meditations: You Are The Placebo 1, And You are The Placebo 2
4  SEE the message for you.

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