Pushing Yourself Or Burning Out?

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It takes life knowledge to live in today’s modern society and balance long working hours, high target plans, family obligations, and all kinds of other challenges. So many people live the stressful life and feel how they need to push themselves to become better without self-care. Living like that can quickly bring you to the total emotional and physical bankruptcy. Unfortunately, most people do not realize they are on the way of burning out. It is easy to predict the outcome if you decide to ignore alarms and proceed to push yourself. There is no way you can notice what’s going on. It is like you are driving a high-speed race without knowing that you will not be able to apply the brakes. Certainly, at some point, you will try to deny everything because “burning out” is for “excusers” and you are not one of them. You were always a top performer, great manager, great parent, great worker, perfect for everybody expect for yourself. If any of these situations sound familiar, please, give yourself a chance to stop just for a moment and ask yourself: “How am I feeling? Do I really feel good? Why do I need to push myself so much? Is there a smarter way? ”.

And don’t ask just once. Ask,ask,ask! And you will get an answer. Unhealthy workaholic attitude is not the smartest way to impress yourself and others.

Are you ignoring alarms?

Some of the typical symptoms of burning out are:

  • Lack of motivation ( for social friendship, for exercise, for another working day, etc.)

  • Health problems ( chronicle exhaustion, digestive problems, skin problems, unexplained panic attacks, sleep problems, heart pressure, severe headaches, repeated colds, overweight, etc.)

  • Unbalanced emotional states (irritability, negative thinking, fears & doubts about performance results, frustration, everybody is annoying you, low level of tolerance, etc.)

  • Overloaded mind ( lack of contraction and attention, everything seems to be a problem and hard)

Is there something on this list that fits your description?

How to give the best YOU and NOT burn out?

Good information is that you do not need to push yourself to the point of burnout. Yes, you need to be beyond your comfort zone to have extraordinary results, however, use intelligence. The first step is self-care. Once more ask yourself: Am I really feeling good?  And be honest. You can even try muscle testing or other technique to find your truth. But, consider this: why truly successful people do not burn out? Why they are always speaking about being your best self and still do not have problems with energy level, motivation, creativity, loving relationships, social engagement?. They live a joyful life with constant dedication to be better than yesterday. What they do differently? Why is it easy for them and hard for you? The answer is simple. They care about how they feel and how they make others feel too. So, they learn every day how to master self-development tools to become a better version of themselves. They are listening intuition and body signals, and do the best they can to keep the mind and body in balance. They work on developing daily routines for achieving effortless success. They care how to bring mind and body to the high-level of performance for daily challenges throughout meditation, exercise, daily affirmations & visualizations, goal & plan focus, by being grateful for life and everything in life.  Yes, they push themselves but in a smart way. They know when it is time to stop and ask for help. If others can manage to live a successful life, be happy and healthy, so can you. Start today. 

What can you do next?

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