Power of Mastermind Groups

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Power of Mastermind GroupsOne of the main reasons why successful people are successful is because they surround themselves with right people. Like it or not, successful people pay attention with whom they spend time. I love Jim Rohn’s famous quote about that subject. He said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Moreover, that is the truth. You create mindset, beliefs, and habits that are an average of your closest people. If you are in Aint’, it awful” club than your main talk will be complaining about the economy, work, boss, wife, husband.. etc.  Solutions for everything will be outside of you. Moreover, that is, unfortunately, your mastermind group. If you want more and you are determined to get it,  you will need to redefine with whom you spend time. It does not mean you will abandon all of your friends. No.. Naturally, as you focus your attention on expanding your skills, on personal development you will find yourself in the different environment. After a year, everything will be different. Probably your old “complainer” club will not be so attractive to you and you to them. You will be on entirely different vibrational frequencies.

What is the mastermind group?

On your way to achieving dreams and goals, you will need help. When it comes to solving a problem, two heads are better than one. The basic philosophy of mastermind group is that more can be achieved in less time when people work together and support each other. Just to be clear, mastermind groups are not some “new age” concept. All great and successful leaders were the part of some mastermind group. Like Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnage, Thomas Edison, etc.. It is natural in every industry, every profession.

Mastermind groups can be composed of people in your industry or profession, and their focus will be to offer a combination of brainstorming, creative problem solving, constructive critic, education, goal setting, confidentially and any other support.

Most important is that mastermind members challenge each other to set meaningful goals, and more importantly, to achieve them. They share high values and respect for each other.

How to start?

Maybe you are at the beginning of your transformational journey, you set your goals, and as expected you do not get much support from your environment. On the contrary, they discourage you. In that case, probably the best way to start mastermind process is to be exposed to self-development tools, online & coaching programs or live events where you will meet people who are on your “mind level” and with same interests. In nowadays, when we live in the time of high technology and it is much easier to connect with the people with the same interests. For instance, you can find significant benefits in a closed Facebook group for certain self-development program or here in our SDT community. 

To challenge you for greatest achievements we shall reframe the thought of Jim Rohn in one challenging question:

If there were no limits and you could choose five people to spend the most time with,
whom would they be?”

This kind of resolutions can change the course of your life in better way. 

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of people around you.
2. READ about successful habits.
3. JOIN the FREE online event and learn how to become goal achiever.  
4  SEE the message for you.

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