Power Of Gratitude Is Ready To Make Miracles

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Power of gratitude is ready to make miraclesIf you feel stuck, then it is the right time to use the power you have at disposal. It is not easy when you are at the bottom, and nothing seems right to be grateful or even think about gratitude. Yes, we know that, and you should not ignore it.

First of all, those hard moments have a real power to stretch and grow your skills. Painful experiences lead to growth if you use them correctly. Pleasant experiences on another way, make life joyful, but they do not result in growth. So, wherever you are right now, it is good starting point to use a power of gratitude and create “miracles.” First, you need to start with removing obstacles to gratitude. 

If you suppress your negative feelings and force yourself to be grateful, it will be useless. First of all, you will do not do it genuinely. Moreover, if you treat power of gratitude in such a lousy way, you will not be able to avoid disappointment. If you want to use the power of gratitude in the right way and create miracles, it is useful to follow these three steps:

1. List all the negative situations in your life.

Yes, write it down. These are problems you are constantly thinking, and they need to find the way to get out of your mind and reality.

2. Now, by each of your negative situation write down the answer to the following question:

If I need something to learn from this experience what it would be?

3. Look at every experience you wrote and ask yourself :

“ Can I be grateful for this experience?

If your answer is Yes” then we congratulate you because you have just changed your perception of problems and allowed your mind to deal with solutions, not problems. If your answer is “No” then ask yourself next question: What experience would satisfy me?”. In this situation, you will get affirmative answers and give space to your mind to focus on solutions.

Now, you can take peace of paper and start writing down what are the things you are grateful for.

If you want to see the full potential of gratitude power, discipline yourself to keep a gratitude journal every day. Teach your kids or friends to do the same and see how you change the world.

Be aware, every time you feel emotions of depression, anger, grief, you are not using the power of gratitude. In those moments it is useful to go through 3 steps process to get yourself on the right track.

Gratitude will change everything in your life. Nevertheless,  it will change the way you look at life, and it is a key to every success.

Explore self-development tools and use them for your success. We cheer for you, and we are here to support you.

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE to be grateful.
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4 SEE the message for you.

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