Power Of Forgiveness

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Power of forgivnessLack of forgiveness has the great impact on your overall progress and things you want to manifest in life. It stops you to go forward. A person who does not want to forgive someone or something must always carry the heavy bag of bad feelings just always to be reminded why not to forgive. It takes a lot of mental and emotional effort to hold that “not forgiving attitude.”  Moreover, sometimes people are not willing to let go of limiting beliefs and forgive because they think that act of forgiving will be associated with the sign of weakness. Remember the Rihanna’s song and the words she sings: “All of my kindness is taken for weakness.”  Do you worry about that? So what?!! You cannot control other people’s thoughts and perception. You are only responsible for your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Of course, it is not so simple when nasty situations happen. Those who survived any difficult circumstances like war knows how strong is that emotion of not forgiving and wanting an act of revenge for the sake of “justice.” It is a never-ending circle of misery to be so attached to the idea you need to make things right, and hate those who did “evil.” Your perception at that moment is that it is not fair to those who got hurt to act in any other way. Of course, it is not easy to release those feelings of revenge, because it totally put the negative imprint into your world.

To resolve those challenging situations, it will take great courage and lots of love. The only advice we can offer you for those hurting situations is that you need to find the way to transcend your revenge and give the other meaning to it. Your message to the people who hurt you or your loved ones should be: “My best revenge to you will be that I will not hate you.” Moreover, that is the brave forgiveness. It sets you free from all negative energy and allows good things to show up in your life.

The other side of forgiveness is when you hurt others. Many times even in our daily activities we make mistakes by saying something without thinking about other people’s emotions, making errors at work, forgetting something or any other situations. Saying “sorry” is an act of responsibility that builds your respect and integrity, make you real and sincere and empower others to follow your example. If you wonder if miracles are possible, try to be forgiving.  Moreover, see what ‘s happening at that moment. Everything will change for you and others.

Use this power of forgiveness within you to create miracles but firstly to set yourself free. It is hard to walk with a heavy bag of resentment, judgment, or hate for others. It will never lead you to the place you want to be because it drains your living energy. Be willing to help yourself with self-development tools like Emotional Freedom Techniques to release negative feelings.  Learn how to use the power of forgiveness for your well-being,  because it is the free power within you. Practice and all other daily positive rituals to empower yourself for greatness. 

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your attitude.
2. READ how we are responsible for OWN experience!
3. Start your meditation program and leave your heavy bags of resentment, worry, negative energy...
4  SEE the message for you. 

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