Mystery Behind Muscles

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Mystery-behind-musclesThere is a whole science about how our body works, and certainly, there are many precious lessons we can learn from kinesiology. Kinesiology studies muscles mostly about the sport, but nowadays behavioral kinesiology is a valuable part of the integrative approach for many healing processes.

The first condition for being able to attract wanted things is to have balance in body, mind, and spirit.  If we experience unwanted situations, then it is evident we are facing with some internal conflicts. Our subconscious mind holds many beliefs, and many of those often contradict to the abundance we are. To change those beliefs first step is to locate and identify them. One of the techniques that can be applied to see self-sabotage is muscle testing. It can be helpful to find not -serving beliefs which block healthy and fulfilling life. Of course, muscle testing is not “solving” method; it is just an indicator for identifying the existence of limiting beliefs. To resolve and release those beliefs and remove emotional blocks, one of the methods is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or other mind tools. 

There are several ways how to do muscle testing, and you can do it in pair or solo. Mostly used exercise is in the pair with arm muscle testing. For example, you and your partner stand face to face. Then your partner raises his/her arm directly in front of you. The arm should be straight. You tell your partner to try to resist when you pull down his arm and at the same time confirm chosen statement like: I am deserving to have an abundance of money.” If person’s hand pulls down to the resistance, it is evident there is some inner conflict about money. The person is not being congruent, and certainly will not be able to manifest what it desires. In those situations, next step is clearing limiting beliefs by Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or by some other self-development tools.

Another interesting test you can try is balancing. It is good to stand near something you can hold on to, just in case you lose your balance. You begin the balancing test by closing your eyes and imagining your favorite food. Keeping that thought, you say for example: “This hamburger is nurturing my body and makes me feel good.” ( if you imagined your favorite food is hamburger 🙂 ). See what happens to the steadiness and balance of your body. Your body and your muscles always act with true because we all consist of energy, and react and respond energetically. At that energetic level, there is no mistake.

Our body and muscles can reveal us valuable information to see what inner conflicts we have. The journey of self-development is a journey of self-discovery. If your existing way does not work, change it,  but be ready to USE self-development tools, to work on yourself all the way. 

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your limiting beliefs.
2. READ about the NLP techniques.
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4  SEE the message FOR YOU.

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