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million dollar adviceIs there really such advice? Well, no one can afford to make poor decisions, no matter of financial situation. Our Million Dollar Advice says: Don’t do anything if you do not feel good.”  Which means, stop when you need to stop, say no when it is no, don’t proceed, wait to clear your mind and perception, wait for inner wisdom.

Maybe it is too simple to be as “million dollar advice, ” but it is even much more.

Each decision presents its challenge, and we decide about solution way. Bad decisions with a negative outcome are produced when you are not feeling good. Life gives you constantly new lessons to become a better student. If you do not want to learn, sorry, life will not stop giving you the lessons. It is a Universal Law. So, it is wise to prepare yourself, train with all self-development tools to be ready when challenges come.

Have your POP checkbook

If you caught yourself saying: I wish I had made a different decision when … It is so clear what I could do differently.. etc. 

Hey,  wake up! Learn the lesson! It is evident you have enough material to set your POP checkbook. 

It is your Personal Operating Procedure checkbook. Everything you put into this book will POP out in your mind to help you make next better decisions.

All decisions you made in the past were 100% correct match of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. If you look from the point of “NOW,” it is different perspective because you have more information and knowledge to do better.

However, the fundamental question you need to ask yourself how did you feel in those specific and critical moments? Can you remember your emotional state at that point? In most cases, all of us had individual signals in the form of the hunch, negative emotions, anxiety, fear, doubts, moral dilemmas, unexpected problems, negative self-talk, etc. These were all the signs to stop because your feelings, thoughts, and actions were not in the balance.

If you want to be a Captain after the battle, you will write in your POP checkbook all the learned lessons and necessary procedures for your successful decision-making. So, next time you will not question yourself how to make the right decision or feel uncertainty because in your mind will POP-up your checkbook with all successful rules. These are your golden standards you cannot abandon at any circumstance. The first rule you need to write into your POP mind checkbook is this million dollar advice along with all the others which resonate with your core values. You can make POP rules for every area of your life (relationship, career, business, family, and other). Making decisions with POP golden rules will keep you safe from miserable days, financial losses, and all kinds of negative emotions because you will first feel good than be confident about your decision. Of course, it does not mean you will not make mistakes. You can and will. But it will not hurt like those questions “If only I had...” because you will repeat the procedure and put what you have learned into a POP checkbook as a new golden rule. Remember these are the golden rules, and under no circumstances, you cannot ignore them. They represent your core values which scream out to Universe who you are. If you set yourself for less, you will get the less. Simple as that.

We are here to be part of your POP mind rules.Let’s do it together!

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your standards.
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4  SEE the message for you.

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We are here to support you with all self-development tools!
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