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Great Life Lessons From Dr. Maya Angelou


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Love LiberatesSometimes you need just one good thought, one good advice to connect the dots. On your self-development journey, you will have many temptations and life setbacks. To be a better person we should learn from people who certainly were the best. One of those is Dr. Maya Angelou. She was the living example of loving person with great wisdom. We should all take lessons and advice from Dr. Angelou because they are real.

Here are few great ones to follow.

Do right

Every person deep inside knows what is right and what is wrong. Dr. Maya Angelou got the simple and powerful advice from her mother about what to choose in deciding moments. She gave her great advice:” DO RIGHT.” And that is how it works. Try to be the best human being you can be, everywhere you can. Because it is right. Start doing right in a place you work, with your family, on the street, at the shop, everywhere. And for those who complain and say life is not worthy of living, Dr. Angelou asks a great question: ” How do you know… SO FAR?” That is the great question for everyone. Have you tried to be a better person or it is easier to complain? Do right. You know what it is.

Bring loving people with you

Real and liberating love comes within. The power of love can build self-esteem and self-confidence. There is great advice from Dr. Maya Angelou about this subject. It says when it comes to every important situation, like public speak to deliver, job interview to do, deals to close or just regular office day you can bring everybody that has loved you with you. So, when you walk into a room, you are never alone. You got people who loved you with you, and their spirit is with you. That is why others cannot define why they are attracted to you because you are vibrating love. It is a great, life-changing lesson. Just imagine the amount of self-confidence, knowledge, and calmness you have in those moments when you “bring all the people who loved you with you? “ Fantastic, isn’t it? It is Superman’s power 🙂 First time I tried this advice, I knew self-development is real. So, be a loving person as much as you can so you can bring an army of people with you in every moment. That is love; it frees your talents to be the best version of yourself.

Be the rainbow in somebody’s cloud

Have you ever thought you could be an answer for somebody’s praying? If you decide to use love and do the right things you will be the rainbow in someone’s cloud. We all need rainbows, that is for sure. If you do not know how to start, start with a smile, with a kind word, with patience in traffic .. with ordinary miracles.

Parent’s encouragement creates miracles

In Dr. Maya Angelou’s interviews, she often reflects on her childhood and family relationships. Her mother gave her a great foundation and support to express her greatness, with calling her “the greatest women she has ever met.” Dr. Angelou was in her’s early twenties when she got that kind of parents encouragement. Her mother released her and set her free to think she can be something special. And she did.


I found this as a most valuable lesson for all parents.

How do you encourage your children? Are you telling them the words of love so they can be great and fantastic children you deserve to have or you are standing on the door with “I told you so expression?? Be true and critical to yourself. No matter how you have performed parenting so far, you can always start with love and great encouragement. It will liberate your children to become great people.

Take time to think about this powerful life lessons and start your self-development journey to be the best version of yourself. 

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