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Let's go partyNo reason” to celebrate is always the best reason. Anniversaries, birthdays, diplomas, weddings, holidays or business success is just one-time traditional occasions to celebrate. The whole our life is one big celebration, and you do not need to achieve “big” goals just to relax, say thank you or feel good.  After all, the wise woman Oprah Winfrey said it best:: The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Of course, if your mind is yelling at you with unproductive thoughts like you cannot celebrate every day, people will think you are crazy, you will spend money, these are not real successes, etc., Don’t worry, you have every right to be grateful for all daily success victories. Or better to say, you MUST.

It is wrong to wait till you… Get to retirement, finish the school, earn first million… The world is much more than you currently can see and experience. In Africa, it is perfectly okay to dance and smile after everyday work. They do not read educational or self-development instructions to know how important is to enjoy the journey of life. They know how to rejoice with themselves and life. In Western society somehow we have an issue to acknowledge the power of small wins. But these wins define whom you are becoming. And that is the blessing of celebration. If you did one little change in your daily habits than the day before, you have a made progress. It is only important to do as much as you can. If you understand this, then you know what’s the meaning of happiness.

You can invent your daily success celebration. It does not need to involve money; it can mean you will take an hour just for yourself, read a favorite book, watch a movie, do your hobby, listen to music, go out with friends, say thank you.., there is no right or wrong way. Just do one small thing that makes you feel good. That is how you celebrate life. If you work in a business environment, these rules can also be applied. Give your employees words of appreciation for doing a good job, make a short break, establish daily laughing minutes, etc.. There are no limits to create the better feeling environment.

Daily success celebration

Some of the benefits you get from daily success celebration are :

  • Selfconfidence thinking well about yourself or receiving the words of appreciation creates positive mental state and secures the way to new accomplishments.

  • Better productivity – celebration and acknowledgment increases willpower and decreases procrastination.

  • Focus on the present – establishing daily success celebration routines moves our focus to daily success, to the present moment. And that is how life becomes fun with enough reasons to celebrate

  • More good attracts more good It is the Universal Truth. Moreover, as Oprah said, the more you can praise and celebrate the more there is to celebrate. So, why would you choose the other way? Make a deal with yourself to become the best you can be, and you will have so much to celebrate.

  • Inspire yourself and others your personal or business celebration moments will inspire others to join you in creating the better feeling environment. As other see your success and positive success mindset they will also want to be better. It is a multi-win situation.

So, let’s go party. 

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