Learning Lessons From Negative Emotions

Thank you for having 4 minutes to explore life – useful lessons. Read and breathe slowly. 

What can you learn from negative emotionsWhen it comes to the learning experience, it is evident that from negative and challenging experiences we can learn and grow the most. However, it is often wrongly understood how positive thinking is essential for personal growth.  It can be very dangerous and harmful to approach superficially to self-development and misinterpret important life messages. Yes, you should focus your attention on positive and wanting things, but every thought and emotions are here to tell you something. While it is true that negative emotions can prevent you from transmitting the right signals to the Universe, it does not mean that you should just discard negative thoughts and feelings. It will only keep you in place of nowhere because you will try to step forward and at the same time miss the lessons from negative emotions which hold you down from the progress.

Negative emotions are as much valuable and needed as positive ones for balancing mental health. Our emotions reflect our thoughts, and through emotion, you are aware of positive or negative thinking. Some people feel shame to say they feel negative about something, especially at motivational programs or coaching. So, for you who read this article learn this lesson: There is nothing wrong to feel negative emotions. It is normal; it is human. No one in self-development industry is 100% positive; it cannot be because it is not natural. Both positive and negative emotions give you a clue as to what the body and mind are experiencing at the particular moment. Suppressing thoughts and feelings can be harmful so instead of avoiding negative emotions, accept them, recognize the lessons to learn and be thankful.

Give yourself time to explore and learn the lessons. Here are some of the steps you can follow:

Identify the emotion

It is useful to distract yourself from the noise before you start a self-emotional analysis.

Ask yourself simple question: “Why I am feeling this negative emotion? “ Identify what it is. For example, if you feel depressed you should say at loud: I feel depressed because …”

Allow it to be

As you recognize the appearance of the negative emotion or experience, embrace the negative emotion and try to describe in visual terms how does negative emotion look like. Try to identify size, shape, color, or even smell. Include all of your five senses to get a clear picture. Allow negative emotion to appear in some form, like if you need to hold negative emotion in your hand how it would look like? In what form would it be?

Let it speak to you

After you allow your negative emotions to appear in the form, you will slowly feel the inner change because you are not attached anymore to the negative feelings. At that point of detachment, you can understand feelings in a better way. Now it is time to find out what message your emotions have for you.  You can do it by asking yourself: “What I need to learn from you? ( depression, anger..), and let them speak to you. Once you learn the valuable lessons from these negative emotions, they will no longer have a place in your mind and body.  It will feel like you have passed an important exam. You will feel a sense of release and freedom. Certainly, if you do not use your emotions, they will use you. So, it is better to learn what it needs to learn. For everyone is different because we are unique expressions of life.

Negative emotions and experiences are the part of self-development journey; they are part of life. Learn how to accept thoughts and feelings. Take valuable lessons from negative emotions, and help yourself with other self-development tools as Emotional Freedom Techniques, meditation, coaching program, or live events. There is no other way but to learn. 

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your emotions.
2. Read more about Emotional Freedom Techniques.
3. Download the  FREE Relaxation Brainwave Audio.
4  SEE the message for you.

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