If only …

Thank you for having 4 minutes to explore life – useful lessons. Read and breathe slowly. 

IF only...People who are not satisfied with life speak something like this:

If only I had more money…

If only I had more time

If only I had a chance

If only I had a luck

If only I had  other parents or better family

If only I could erase all of my failures

If only I had better wife/husband

If only I could go back in the past

If only I had more money

If only circumstances were different

If only I had someone to help me

If only …

As you can see, these are only excuses and explanations for failures. We, humans, have an internal instinct to defend our beliefs because they are our creation. Nevertheless, these are only bad and useless habits.

If you find logical explanation

  • why you drag yourself to the work every morning and count hours until home time,

  • why you never have time to think about things that really matter

  • why you neglected your health, exercise and food discipline

  • why you neglect your destructive behavior in relationships

  • why you keep doing what you doing and expecting other results

then you will live very hard life.

It is true that the influence of environment also creates behaviors, and it is not easy to ignore all the negative suggestions on an everyday basis. However, you can choose and remove yourself from negative suggestions of other people. The suggestion like: “Your dream is too big, it is not possible” is not a useful critic. Of course, there are benefits of negative thinkers that you should be aware of. We forget that we are here to experience life, not to avoid life.

Saying “ If only I..” is an excuse for not forcing life to give you what you want as Napoleon Hill has said.

It can sound rough, but now, in 21 century, you do not have justification for those kinds of excuses. All the tools are here, ready to help you release negative and limiting beliefs, build more self-esteem, courage, creativity, and all other personal and business skills. If you decide to go on the journey of personal development and use self-development tools, you will find the keys to joyful life. Standing by the side and letting time to pass without the courage to find your true self is only a missed opportunity.  Good news is that opportunities are waiting for you every second. They stand with a sign:  Let’s live!“.  

Start asking: What I can do to live happy and joyful life? If you are willing to ask this repeatedly, you will get the answer.  Don’t miss the life! 

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your excuses.
2. READ how to overcome failures.
3. JOIN the  FREE life -transforming training series to build your dream life!
4  SEE the message for you

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