How You Use Hope?

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Why Is Hope Not Working For YouHow often do you hear statements like:

“I hope everything will work all right.”

“I hope I will get the job.”

“I hope times will get better.”

“I hope I will pass an exam.”

“I hope I will find the perfect partner.”

“I hope for the better days.”

Can you honestly answer what the results of your hopes were? Why is HOPE not working for you?

Hmm, you have not thought about that? Yes, that is the problem. It is so funny how we are programmed to think and speak certain words without any conscious thinking about the meaning.

So, let’s see what “Hope” means. By definition “hopemeans expecting something good to happen. So naturally, and that is good because you need to expect” in the process of creation BUT not the way you do by saying I hope everything will work all right,” or any other example. By that, you remove and shift responsibility from yourself and exclude yourself from the process of creation. Your thoughts, emotions, and actions need to be aligned to transcend your hope (desire) to physical form.

Certainly being hopeful helps in states of despair, depression, guilt and other low vibrational states. When you are in those states hope is your “hand” to get you out from the darkness. Moreover, from that point on, you use FAITH to evoke inspiration and other positive emotions to proceed your journey.

Faith mixed with thoughts creates a powerful vibrational state, it is a magnetic force to attract other like-thoughts, so your emotions become stronger and stronger. In that vibrational state, actions you take will get you to desired results.

Use affirmations to develop faith and self-confidence

Faith is just a state of mind you can develop by giving your subconscious mind specific commands. The best self-development tool for that is affirmations. Affirmations give your mind fuel to move faith and change your mental state to the point it produces positive emotions.

To see the difference between hope and faith just test on yourself how you feel when you say:

“I hope I will get the job” vs. “ I believe I will get the job.”

Do you see the difference in your emotional state? The first statement will keep you in a place where you are (current position) because you do not have moving emotions to change your state and take action.

Successful people develop self-confidence, condition and program their mind to create results their want. They do not hope; they create what they want using the principles of Universal Laws. As simple as that. So, if you can take one lesson from this reading, it should be to reassess your wording, accept responsibility for your states and change them. The best part is you do not need to hope because it is possible. 🙂

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your faith.
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