How We Sabotage Law of Attraction?

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How we sabotage Law of AttractionThe expectation is one of the simplest ways to establish a connection with your desired outcome, but so many times it is used in wrong way. One of the many mistakes you can do in a Law of Attraction process is to mix “hope” with “expectation.” Everyone at the beginning makes the same mistake because they do not change limiting beliefs.  It is like you say:  “Ok, I will try this Law of Attraction, but I do not expect it to work.” It is a  hoping for the best but expecting the worst model of thinking.  The expectation is a powerful experience. When you are expecting a positive outcome and don’t allow negativity to come in (being in a state of faith), you instantly establish a connection with what you want. To say it in the more clearer way, you do not sabotage yourself.

Expecting good things to happen will also have a real impact even in the smallest details of your life. Let’s say you do not have a good situation at work and you are always worried and stressful about that. Expecting a better day at work and focusing intently on that particular positive expectation will start your internal change and break the cycle of current negative situation.

Expecting good things to happen

Small, positive expectation can make all the difference in your life. Expecting good things to happen will help you feel better and raise your vibrational level. That is why positive expectation is so important. When you expect something, you are indirectly asking the Universe for something that you want. You allow the process of creation to manifest for you what you have asked for.

However, be prepared to see every aspect of “creation.” Sometimes you will have such a hard times to keep positive expectation because nothing in “real” world will give you even smallest confirmation to remain your positive expectation. In those times you need to remind yourself that nothing in physical reality is possible without the power of thought and emotion. So, keep your thoughts and emotions on a high vibrational level. These contrasts are the part of manifestation. It cannot be without them. Everything in this world is created because of contrasts. That is how we got cars, planes, ships, electricity .. etc..

Use a power of expectation wisely, don’t mix it with a hope  because, it will be a waste of time and energy, and eventually, you will end up with disappointment. It is better to start properly and learn self-development tools to create desired results.

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