How To Use Power Of “I AM”?

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How To Use Power Of "I AM"?If someone could record all of your daily spoken and unspoken words in your mind, what do you think how many “I am” statements would be recorded? If you think little, try to stay in front of the mirror and observe your thoughts. We believe that it is irrelevant how we qualify ourselves in daily conversations with casual statements like:How stupid I am,” “I am a failure,”” I am a disaster,” “I am unloved,” “I am stressed”.. etc.

When you speak those powerful words and feel negative feelings, you permit Universe to give you even more of those experiences.

How would you react if someone tells you: “You’ are stupid “or “You’ are fat,”?  Probably you would be angry. However, when you say “yourself” those things, you are not aware. How is this possible?

Well, it is part of our programming, bad habits and not paying attention of how we created those programs. Noone thought us to in school how powerful is the meaning of “I am”  expression. That is how bad things can quickly become natural and irrelevant. Just forget to evaluate the meaning, and you will see the misery.

I am’ itself is an instantaneous transformation. If you repeat it, if you hold it, it sticks in your subconscious mind and becomes part of your belief, part of YOU.

Meaning of ” I AM”

Do you know why these words are most powerful? Well, the words “I AM,” are holy expressions for the name of God—the highest aspect of yourself. Your inner being, soul, is always connected with everything that exists. It means that everything you can imagine for yourself it is possible. After all, these powerful words are known in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Meditations, Affirmations and all other self-development tools. If you pay attention how successful athletes or business persons motivate themselves to gain self-confidence, it will always be in some I am” proclamations.

At this moment you should be aware of how you use “I am” in negative creation. There is no other way than consciously pay attention. Once you are conscious of your thoughts, you have control to create different patterns. We create beliefs and store it in subconscious mind by ignoring our conscious thoughts. If you decide to ignore it, you will accept it. Don’t waste your power on something you do not want. Even in today’s high-tech time and “sitting computer jobs” you can use some of the technological self-development tools or other (un)usual products to accelerate your self-development; reprogram subconscious mind and be able to achieve whatever you desire more efficiently. Start right now by writing all of your desired qualities, wishes, experiences in the form of affirmation: “I AM.”  

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of I AM power
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