How To Stop Procrastination?

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How to stop procrastinationHave you ever thought why so many people have challenges about this issue? Just about everyone procrastinates. Sometimes that is good, but mostly it jeopardizes your future. In most cases procrastinators are very good in planning but not in doing. When it comes to “doing” they feel “overwhelmed.”

If only I did…

A classic example of procrastination and how you stopped procrastination was the school exams. Probably we all had that experience. We procrastinated till the last moment and then suddenly wake up and begin to learn. Why did we act like that?  Well, it is simple,  we “spent” all of our time and there was no other choice but to start “doing.” 

That is how we respond to everything in our life and behave in “not disciplined” way.  Probably 99% of humanity has issues with discipline and gives up of so many goals which could be easily achieved if they have started on time.  However, in this case, called “LIFE” you have more time ( time of your life), but you must use those years wisely. If you believe there is enough time, go to a retired center and listen what old people talk. Most commonly sentence of old people regarding their life and goals is: “If only I did..  

Alternatively, we can say:  If only you can try to test these tools you will make a big difference for your future.”

Start with redefining your approach to beat procrastination.  If you dream about writing a book, losing weight, starting your own business, learning a new skill, having better relationships, etc. , then you will need to master self-development tools to become a person worthy of these goals.

The first obstacle you need to eliminate is your procrastination, this pleasant voice in your head telling you: You have enough time. Tomorrow.. or It’s too late..

This voice is just trying to protect you from change and keep you safe in a comfort zone. That is how the human brain works.

However, you can apply different strategy and make your goal more attractive for your subconscious mind. For example, let’s say you are not satisfied with your physical shape and you need to exercise more and consistent.

How about, you choose a  way to avoid overwhelming feeling of hard training? Can you replace your goal of psychical shape with small steps which anybody can achieve?

For example: Would it be possible when you wake up in the morning to make 10 squats and 10 abs exercises? Probably it will take 3 minutes. To deal with subconscious mind say affirmative to yourself:  ”Anybody can do this, it is not difficult at all. “

And do it.

The same ritual you repeat in the evening. After 30 days your thinking will be different, and probably you will start increasing time exercise. After six months you will have more confidence, after one year you will be a different person. By doing these small steps, your subconscious mind will not try to stop you, and before you know it, you will transform your physical shape.

The same strategy you can do with every unrealized goal.

E.g., Write a book. Can you write 200 words each day? After 30 days you will become more trained to do it faster and increase the number of words.  After one year you will have a book.

And it did not take a lifetime; it only takes 1 or 1,5 year to do it. Moreover, years will pass whether you decide to make something or not.

If you still have doubts in your mind or procrastination thoughts just answer these questions and please be sincere.

How do I want to be remembered? Do I want people remember me as someone who had potential, but it was not willing to make a minimum effort for himself? 

Yes, it is not a polite question. But if you continue to justify your procrastination you deserve to be where you are. If we could do a job instead of you, we would. However, we cannot. Start learning tools & techniques, educate yourself how you can achieve your goalshire a coach .. anything, but start.  

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