How To Stop Creating Abundance of Lack?

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How to stop creating abundance of LackYou always create something, consciously or unconsciously. Unfortunately for many people, the main program in mind is fear of not having enough.  However, in a Universe, there is no lack of anything. It is always abundance, and you fully experience what you are. Can you imagine we need to fight for air, for breath? Can you imagine that kind of “lack” Universe? Of course not! Our primary concern is to be aware of the power we have in the process of creation. To actually become a true co-creator with the Universe, you need to develop some more trust in the process.

You can recognize yourself creating an abundance of lack by:

  • Being ungrateful

  • Jealous of other people

  • Having thoughts of not existing enough for everyone

  • Fear and anxiety thoughts

  • Attitude “What I will get “ instead “ What I will give”

  • Being not flexible, restricted, not open- minded

  • Being angry, greedy, revengeful

  • etc..

Your mind cannot be occupied at the same time with abundance and negative thoughts. You always have one dominant side. By having awareness about the process of creation, your task is to make dominant your positive thoughts and emotions.

How you do that?

By unlearning and relearning new behaviors. It is not one day process, and it takes the time to install new habits. Give yourself enough time to become a new version of yourself. If you force yourself, you will feel pressure and negative emotions and all self-development tools will not have any effect.

Start with baby steps:

Pay attention how you feel most of the day

The way you feel is your point of attraction. People often force themselves to think positive thoughts or stop thinking negative thoughts. Well, you cannot protect yourself from negative thoughts in everyday’s life experience. For example, you can see some bad news on television. It is inevitable to avoid those things. But you choose how you are going to feel about them. If you are not having an emotional reaction to negative thoughts, they will not have the power to create. It is easy to detect current state by asking simple questions:

How was my day?

What emotions do I feel right now?

How did I feel most of the day?

What were my dominant emotions throughout the day?

By asking those questions, you raise your consciousness about your default programs and challenge your mind to make other choices.

Play “happy hour” game with your mind

After you get the answers how you feel, give your mind creative task to play with you a happy hour game. Rules are the simple; you need to find as many as positive abundance thoughts in one hour just because it is fun. For example, if you are having a hard time on the job, and mostly after the work you feel exhausting, unfulfilled, angry about colleagues, play this game. Say to yourself. It is time for me to stop taking everything so serious; I am going to have some fun.” And approach every task or conversation in that one hour with the positive attitude and find as many good things around just because it is fun. Probably other people will respond to you: ” What’s happening? You are different ”. You can say to them: No, I am natural.” Because you are. After a while, you can have a happy- day game.

If you say words of gratitude lack disappears

Being grateful means opening arms. It is like you say to the Universe:Thank you and give me more.”  Gratitude will change everything in your life. It changes the way you look at life, and removes your focus from “not having.”

So, just because you love, honor and respect yourself, start to explore self-development tools to make the life you want. 

What can you do next?

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2. READ about the power of gratitude.
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