How To Set Goals In 7 Easy Steps?

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How to set goals in 7 easy steps?Setting goals are not trivial. Everyone who has experience in the corporate world knows how important it is to set clear & achievable goals. It is funny how sometimes we are better at setting goals for someone else instead for our life happiness.

If you do not have written goals, now is the right time to send your goals from the mind to the paper. You are here (satisfied or not) only because of two reasons. The first reason is your thoughts, what you think most of the time, and the second is how you think most of the time.

If you want to be successful, you will need to make changes in your behavior and habits. Successful people talk and think about their goals most of the time, and they do not have trouble getting the results. If you are not aware of your position by now, it is the right time to start knowing. Start with answering these questions:

  • How your conversations at work, home and with friends look like?

  • How you I feel in those conversations?

  • Can you count in how many conversations you have not complained about something?

If you take few minutes to think and answer how you consciously use time and mind, it will give you an excellent position and alarm you to starting making some changes.

Just to be clear, life purpose statement and goals are not the same. You need to be clear about both, but at this moment we are going to cover the subject of setting goals.

In setting your goals try to follow 7 step process: 

1. Decide what you want for every area of your life

You can make a goal setting for every field: finance, relationships, health, career, spirituality, etc. This first step is thinking process.

2. Write down your goals clear and specific as you can.

Now you put your goals on the paper. Your goals on paper have another energy. It is quite a known example of Harvard research study about goal setting and later impact on financial success. Results were that those students who had written goals earned ten times more than those who had not. Even though there are many polemics about this study whether it is a fact or fiction, nowadays examples show that research is correct. We are witnessing the thousands of millionaires all around the world who have applied this strategy.

3. Set a time frame or deadline for every goal

Your brain perceives goals with the deadline in a different way. Maybe you are already aware that every time you had “unlimited” time you have procrastinated.

4. Make a list of possible actions and ideas for every goal

For some goals, you will not know how you could achieve them. That does not matter. Just use your imagination and ask yourself: If this is possible and there are no limitations what I could do? “

5. Make a work plan and set priorities for all of your actions

You will have a lot of goals and possible actions, so you need to decide what you are going to do first. You can’t-do everything at once.

6. Take the first step TODAY

Make a simple action today to get you in the process. For instance: schedule a meeting with people who can help you in the process (setting a web page, finding investors or something else)

7. Do something every day

Even a little action is enough to get you closer to achieving your goal. For instance, if you want to write a book, writing 300 words every day will get you a book.

Everything you focus upon will expand, so use time wisely and work on yourself. There is no shortcut to success. 

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