How To Schedule TIME?

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Do you often repeat the statement: “I do not have enough time”? How you manage time is how you manage your life. It is easy to end up being dragged in different directions and not having enough time to finish what’s important.

How To Schedule TIME?To be master of your time, you need to be disciplined and make a schedule. Scheduling is a simple process of organizing and putting activities into a particular time frame. If you do it properly, you can maximize your effectivenessreduce stress level and feel good no matter how many tasks you need to resolve. Of course, good time managers are aware of how important is to balance professional and personal goals. Throughout the day we “spend” time on thinking, talking and doing. It is wise to take some time and analyze how you spend time at work, home, in social activities, and all other. Probably the “doing” or action part will be the shortest. And that is normal. The only question is, can you be more productive at thinking and talking process? You can already conclude how unproductive is to fall into the trap of negative thinking and whining about problems, how hard everything it is, who made a mistake, and so on. Conversational or talking part is the same. Are you talking about solutions or spending time on being the problem? Preparing and making good schedules will certainly make your life much easier to manage time correctly.

Here are some tips you can follow in preparing your schedule:

Divide your time

We all have 24 hours to make all our daily activities, from work, family obligations, personal growth, and spirituality, to health and exercise activities.

Make the first schedule and divide how much time you will spend on each activity. You cannot spend all your time on work and completely neglect friends and family. It is unbalanced schedule and makes you and others feel frustrated.

Prioritize essential tasks for every part

These are all high priority principal activities in your daily schedule. You cannot skip them. Be advised to check your “spending” time regularly. Use this information because it will reveal you how productive you are when it comes to most urgent tasks, and how much time you spend on thinking, talking and doing those activities.

Schedule contingency time

Real timekeepers do not start their day before they finished it. It means they plan all their activities.  It is something you do as mental preparation, and it is part of your positive daily rituals. However, there will always be unpredictable events and interruptions, so plan these events to keep concentration and calmness throughout the whole day.

Engage others

You can always see that some tasks can be delegated, outsourced or discard. Your work-life balance will suffer if you put all activities on yourself. Others also want the responsibility to be involved in creating something better. The same is with family obligations. Often parents take whole responsibility on themselves and do not delegate easy tasks to their children. It leads to troubled life to both sides. One side does not have time to talk because of too many obligations, and another part has plenty of time to get into problems.

Take care how you feel

Start with putting yourself in the first place and taking care of how you feel. It will protect you from crossing the line and not seeing the difference between pushing yourself and burning out.

Start with mastering self-development tools to be a successful life manager. It’s time. 🙂

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of how you use time.
2. READ more about the difference between pushing yourself and burning out.
3. To become the master of your time, start using productivity tools.
4  SEE message FOR YOU.

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