How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life?

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How to remove toxic people from your lifeYou do not need to wait for a given period of a year to make detoxification. For cleaning your life, every time is good. However, it is a very challenging subject because it is not easy to admit to yourself you have been stuck. One way or another, real blessing comes when you decide to learn, practice and improve yourself. Lecture about removing toxic people from your life is about to start 🙂

So, how to recognize toxic people?

You can easily notice them by several characteristics:

> They are great blamers ( they justify their behavior by saying they were neglected by someone or something.  It is always the same pattern.

–> They always find the cause of all problems outside themselves and spend most of their time playing a “victim role.”

–> They are close-minded people with very little ability to see different perspectives, they accept only one truth, and it needs to be theirs. You can notice that kind of behavior in every area of life ( business, relationships, religion..)

–> They are angry or violent people

–> They live the dramatic lifestyle (every situation in their life is a drama script)

–> They can have issues with addictions (  food, tv, gadgets, drugs, relationships..)

–> They are dream busters  (for every yours new idea they will say “it is not possible,” “ whom do you think you are ..”, “you do have enough skills..” etc.)

Who can be toxic?

Well, everybody. Even you. It is critical you pay attention of how you act, talk and think in everyday’s situations. In most cases, you will recognize toxic people among your closest friends, family, co-workers, customers, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband. Before you start the process of detoxification, ask yourself one question: Do I feel fear to leave toxic people?” 

It is so important, to be honest with yourself. I found that most people stay in negative situations just because they cannot deal with a fear of losing people they know for such long time. Before you start anything, you need to know who you are, what you want from life, what are your values, life purpose… Give yourself time to know yourself, and from that point on everything will be much easier and clearer. Look at the relationships you have now and examine them to see whether you have toxic people. These steps will help on that way.

Detoxification process includes simple steps:

Step 1

List 5-10 people you spend most of the time, just look at your past days, months and how you spend your time.

Step 2

For every name you put on your list write how you feel after spending time with them. What emotions do you feel? ( joy, happiness, love, trust, people, motivation.. or depression, judgment, frustration, anger..etc). In this process, your emotions will show you where you are. They are your internal GPS to help you interpret your thoughts and current position.

Step 3

Ask yourself “ What kind of person am I becoming because of that relationship? Remember it is beneficial to know little bit more about yourself to have a clearer perception

Step 4

Admit your responsibility for allowing yourself to be influenced by those people

Step 5

Make a plan that corresponds with your current state how to avoid those nonbeneficiary relationships (spend less time with them, cut off, spend more time learning about self-development tools,  meet other uplifting people, work on your self-esteem and confidence)

After all, you will decide which path or tool is best for you. Negative and toxic people will always be around us. However,  you have to know what’s the difference between those two categories. They are here to sharpen our attention and direct us to the right side where we want to be. Life becomes much easier when you understand yourself and universal laws. Remember,

It has never been a better time to wake up and explore the magic of life.  

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your relationships.
2. Read more about the power of mastermind groups.
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4  See the message for you.

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