How To Release Negative Emotions in 4 steps?

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How To Release Negative Emotions in 4 steps?Lots of people have negative feelings they are not aware of, or even in most cases have difficulty in naming them. You can feel the wide range of emotions as happiness, anger, excitement, love, joy, peace, faith, nervousness, sadness, confusion, anxiety – you name it, you can feel it. However, when it comes to the negative emotions they are undoubtedly the hardest to deal with, so you need to learn how you can unblock your path to more joyful moments. Here are few steps you can follow: 

Get in touch with negative feelings

The first step is being aware of your negative feelings. Give the name of those feelings, describe them. You cannot deal with anything if you are not aware of their existence. What’s your mind telling you?

Is it something like :

I am angry,

I am sad,

I am nervous


If the answer is yes, you have tried to put the feelings in the words and allow your mind to interpret those feelings as they were YOU (your identity). That is wrong. Lot’s of people get stuck on this first step just because they think negative feelings are who they are.

Detach yourself

Never identify yourself with those negative feelings. Because, it is not who you are, and it has nothing to do with  the I.Don’t define your  true-self by saying “I am angry.” or “I am depressed.” 

It is an illusion to think you are your feeling. So, understand that you FEEL the feelings of anger or depression, but it is who you are. Detach yourself from those feelings and realize you can be an observer. The feeling will start changing.

Locate your feeling

Next step means to understand that those feelings are in younot in reality of others.

Negative feelings only exist in you, so it is crazy to spend time and energy trying to change external circumstances,  boss, friends, wife or husband or anybody else. We do not have to change anything outside. Negative feelings are your emotional reaction, so be careful by saying “I am” daily affirmations.

The choice is on you

All of our emotional reactions are choices.  Of course, they don‟t feel like choices when you are in an “acting role.” 🙂 Have you ever thought why you give automatic answers to some questions or react in some way in certain situations? It is all part of our programming and limiting beliefs. The most precious power we all have is free will – free choice to do whatever we want.  If you have followed these steps, you have realized by now that your current state is not you. It is “IN” you, but it is not you. That is liberating. Now you can decide what you want.

Be aware of this statement: 

I can choose in every moment how I want to feel.” 

If you feel conflict ask yourself this question: How is this serving me? You will know the answer if you ask the question. Then your decisions will be right. Negative emotions are not an easy subject but remember they are not here to stay. You just need to use appropriate tools to bounce back quickly and move on. So, give yourself time to master your emotions,  use self-development tools and bloom. 

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your emotions.
2. READ about a flower in the mud. 
3. Watch the FREE Training How To Bounce Back Instantly. 
4  SEE the message for you.

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