How To Reduce Technology Stress?

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How to reduce technology stress?Now in 21 century, it seems our life  “depends” on technology. We use technology at work, at home, for transportation, for almost every activity. Modern technology certainly has its advantages; it makes life easier but at the same time, more stressful.

Having no limit access to digital gadgets can be a huge source of stress. We became addicted and available 24/7 for checking emails, commenting social networks, and many others. However, something is wrong in our perception, because email, texting, and social media should not drive us crazy! On the contrary, these are the tools which are here to connect us with other people when and how we want. Our wrong use of this technology or better to say “abuse” creates stressful states.  Here are some of the tips you can apply to make your life less technology – stressed.

Set the rules for disconnect

Don’t use your phone or computer 24/7. Your night deserves to be without “connection” to technical sounds. Also during the day, you should define rules when you check social network, when emails, etc. This will allow you to be more present and have more concentration for work tasks.

Avoid multitasking

If you try to do all the things at once, you will only have reduced productivity, high stress, and low-quality results. The same applies to the small activities on the computer. If you are doing some work on the computer, don’t open all the windows. ( web browser, email, FB, news portal, etc.)., it will split your attention and prolong work time for finishing a particular task. Besides, you only work one task at the time? Isn’t it? If you look FB, you can’t-do your job or other activities.

People before technology

When you are in the conversational situations, be present.  Don’t look at the phone, check FB or email while you talk. It is not respectful to other person and indeed weakness your ability to focus. Nevertheless, it increases your stress level unconsciously.

Plan your vacation and for technology as well

If you cannot arrange total disconnection from gadgets during your vacation time, set the gadget free days. It will help you reconnect with your whole body and mind.

Apply 20 rule

In your computer work- time set the rules to clear mind and refocus by looking to some other object, for example, walk to the window and look out for 20 seconds. This “changing states” are so helpful in achieving better productivity level.

Make technology work for your positive mind

As technology can be addictive and stressful, also it can be beneficial if you use it in a right way. One way you can use advantages is by special self-development programs like subliminal messages. Special computer programs are designed to help your subconscious mind to adapt effortlessly new programs for success. This kind of programs and technology could boost your productivity and improve many areas of your life.

You are in charge

Technology is here to help you, and it does not need to stress you. It is all about how we handle technology. Make the decision and change your habits, redesign your desk space, create an email-checking schedule, use self-development tools in technology.. just change something!!

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