How To Overcome FEARS?

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How to overcome fearsI hear all the time statements like: “I want to live a fearless life,” “I want to get over fear”; etc.…

Why we talk so much about fear? Is it possible to exclude the fear? Well, I would say we probably gave too much credit to fear, so it seems like we fear the fear itself. But, we are solely responsible for this situation because we trained our mind to be frightened. Just pay attention what words we speak to the kids.

  • Don’t,

  • You’ will get hurt;

  • You will fall;

  • I told you so,

  • You will get hurt;

  • Why you did it ..? “

  • etc

The same situation is with media and so after 20, 30 years we have dysfunctional people who have fears for everything: positive and negative situations. Fear of losing the job, fear of life, fear of death, fear of disease, fear of being poor, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of flying, fear of public speaking, fear of social contactsfear, fear, fear?

It looks funny if we stop for a moment and think what we are doing to ourselves. Remember the famous story of how baby elephants are trained in the circus? Baby elephants are being tied up with a strong rope around their necks.  Once the baby elephants try to walk,  they are stopped by the rope, because it is attached to a secure pole. So, baby elephants are programmed for resistance, and even though they grow up and become BIG, they believe in previous experience.

Humans behave in the same way. They believe that experience from the past will always be real. Fears are unsolved emotions, and it takes little time and willingness to release them. Probably even fear is tired being with you. 🙂 

Some of  these principles can make your life easier when you are are facing fear:

Don’t give so much space to FEAR

You are human with the greatest power in the Universe. The power of free choice. Use that power to your advantage. When the emotion of fear shows up just ask yourself: Why I am feeling like that? What do I need to see? “And then decide what action you will take. Don’t stay in fear. Don’t make a career of fear.

Be aware moments of presents

It is so profound and liberating when you realize how here, now, at this moment, everything is OK. It is not a cliche; it is a Universal Truth.

Write you declaration to the fear

If you are spending too much energy on fear, maybe you can try to channel it differently. Try to write your statement to the fear. Start with:

Even though I feel fear, I am going to …

That is the way you will acknowledge the existence of fear and use own power to “step out of the rope.” It helps if you stand and read the statement on loud. You will feel different.

Practice daily routines of self-empowerment

Meditate, hang out with positive people, write a gratitude journal, exercise. There is so much you can do to make you feel good. You just need to move!!

Focus how you will impress yourself

Instead of feeling the fear concentrate on the challenging side and make a strategy to impress yourself. That is right – yourself. It is your world of fear; others have their own.

We are happy to be with you on this journey of self-development. Believe in yourself and start.

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