How To Meditate?

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Meditation is a state of presence and consciousness. You can find many types of meditations but meditation is a Universal tool, and you can use it no matter of your religious and cultural orientation. Meditation is here to help and understand ourselves better. By meditation, we can transform our mind from a negative focus to the peaceful and calm state. However, it is a practice, and like all self-development tools, it demands your willingness and dedication for using it. Just to be clear, you can do short meditations during the whole day. One form of short meditation is just to take a few deep breaths to get into a state of presence. If you combine this with powerful affirmations “All is well “ or any other, it will become your safe anchor.

How to start with meditation

For everyone who wants to follow the path of self-development, mediation should be the part of daily positive rituals. Make it part of your golden hour.; it does not need to take long, 5-10-15 minutes is quite OK. It is best to do meditation early in the morning when your mind is in the more natural receptive state.

Here are few practical tips how to meditate for beginners

Choose a convenient and quiet place

It can be in your room, somewhere in nature, everywhere you feel comfortable

Sit in a comfortable posture and set timer

Any position that fits for you is the right one. It can be on a chair, on the floor, or just sitting down. It is useful to set timer how long you want to meditate. That is how you will give your mind information about timing, and on the other hand, it will give you time for the next activities. It is wrong to start meditation and afterward conclude you are late for something. It is evident you will begin to feel negative thoughts and stress. Put in a schedule meditation as any other activity, and it would be much easier to integrate it into your daily rituals.

Start breathing slowly

Count your breathing. Take one breath in, one breath out, and continue to do this up to 10 breaths. Then repeat. Every time your thoughts go wild, start back at one. With practice, you will be able just to follow your breath without counting. The point is not to fight with your mind, but rather, bring it back to the present. If you listen the sound of breath, it would be easier.

What to expect?

In meditation process you allow your soul to connect you with Infinite Intelligence/ God/ Creator. As you can feel, you are not a just human body with all physical problems. You are more complex than that. If you neglect one element of you (body, mind or spirit), it will feel incomplete and discomfort.

In meditation process, you do not need to expect anything. All of your thoughts and problems are known. It is just important to allow calmness and presence to fill your, body, mind and spirit. After meditation, you need to pay attention to your next thoughts and circumstances that will occur. Of course, all of your problems will remain, they will not vanish by miracle, but you will be different and inspired to take some action that will eventually lead you to the solutions. In the beginning, you will not be acutely aware of the whole process. We can know speak about it, but you need to get your “aha’s.” It is enough to say only: be open to listen and do what it feels right. After a while, it will be clear when you zoom out how everything was connected.

Meditation process will give you enormous benefits to be more creative, self-confident, solution-oriented, joyful, calmer, more you

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of the present.
2. READ learning lessons from Dr.Joe Dispenza
3. Start your meditation as your daily routine. 
4  SEE the message FOR YOU.

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