How To Love And Accept Yourself?

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How to Love and Accept yourself?If you want to have an amazing and joyful life, you will need to learn how to love and accept yourself. Once you understand the importance of loving yourself, it will directly affect the quality of your relationships and improve every aspect of your life. That means you will immediately start to feel better and align emotions with your thoughts to become a vibrational match for everything you want to have and be. It is wrongly understood that it is selfish to love yourself because that way we neglect love for our dear ones. It is simple; you cannot give what you do not have. Have you ever consider what is the quality of your love for others when you feel good and satisfied with yourself, and when you are not? Basically in those “not accepting yourself” situations you force yourself to be kind and give space to negative feelings to create more of those negative situations ending with verbal fight or another negative result.

It is not possible to accept anyone unconditionally if you first don’t accept yourself. It takes the time to deal with the whole package of YOU. Like we see flaws in others, the biggest flaws we see is in ourselves, so we put time labels for self-acceptance like:

I will love and accept myself after I lose weight.

I will love and accept myself after I earn million

I will love and accept myself when I solve my relationships


If you accept to play this never-ending game, probably most of your life will be spent in searching, struggling and fighting instead of living, enjoying, and loving. Everything you need to do starts right now. You got to be willing to love yourself today, not tomorrow or when you think it will be good. Not understanding this is like not understanding the fundamental laws of Universe. You cannot change anything with yourself if you are acting from the position of lack. That lack feeling will get you nowhere, and there is nothing to do to be worthy. Your worth is in your true nature. Just see, accept and be what you already are, and everything other will expand.

Be willing to unlearn and relearn how to love and accept yourself. You can start with:

Mirror exercise

One of the powerful exercises is mirror use, and it can help you on your journey of self-discovery. However, you need to devote enough time to break the old habits of self-judgment and imprint new ones of self-accepting. You can do this exercise any time in a day, just stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself at loud: “I love and accept myself.” And repeat this statement for one minute next 90 days, every day. You will not be the same person. Surely you can continue and after 90 days. Implement these self-acknowledgment statements into your positive daily rituals

Work on your self-development

As from the moment we are born, we started journey called “LIFE.” We are here to explore it and learn everything we need to have fully human experience. The self-development process is necessary to proceed forward, so take the time to meditate, to express gratitude, to write a journalto embrace change, to discover your potential, to forgive yourself and others, to play and see the world throughout the eyes of the child… To just be happy.

We know that you will succeed.

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your feelings
2. READ about the power of forgiveness.
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4  SEE the message FOR YOU.

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