How To Let Go Of Control?

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How to let go of ControlOnce you start exploring Law of Attraction terms and process of letting go and  allowing, it is hard to accept that  „everything is going to be ok.“  My first impression was: “Yeah right. It will be ok if I make it OK”.  Maybe you have the same reaction at this point or in some doubting situations. That is the typical reaction at the beginning. Firstly, because we are all defined and programmed with own beliefs.   Even though you feel skepticism about how Universal laws works,  you should not have questions about your position because if you think that everything will be ok when you control, let me ask you one simple question:  Why is not? Did you have enough time to make it your way?” “What are your results?”

Of course, you cannot come to the state of total allowing overnight.  Self-development is s process, and it is the same process as you went through when you needed to learn how to walk, speak, drive a car, and any other activity. Letting go of control is not easy to do, and it is likely you will face an eruption of all kinds of mixed feelings before you restore balance.

Don’t compare

Letting go and allowing is the final part of manifestation process. Some people fall into a trap with a false feeling of letting go and holding onto some imaginary idea how they think it should be. Comparing present state with some imaginary process “how should it be” is still control.  Letting go of control is the act of full trust and faith, an initial state to accept with peace everything that comes to you. Right or wrong. Remember, only our perception makes things good or bad. But don’t be confused, allowing does not mean you will not take actions. It means you will proceed to do all actions toward your goal, and remain good feeling emotions with full trust that manifestation process is the process. 

Recognize your emotions

Once you let go of control, you will feel eruptions of feelings. To overcome attachment to an idea what things are supposed to be, it is useful to implement daily positive routines to enhance self-confidence. Definitely will be times when you will feel crappy, and that is also part of the process. Just remember, if you let go of crappy feeling, the feelings will go because there is no place to stay. Emotions are a reflection of thoughts, and they are here to direct you. One of the best self-development tools for releasing emotions and clearing negative energy is Emotional Freedom Technique. If you feel uncomfortable with letting go of control, some beliefs keep you down from peaceful feelings.  

Reframe the meaning

Letting go of control is becoming comfortable with uncertainty. Well, it is scary for the most of the people. Who wants to be comfortable with uncertainty? However, it is only a perception. To help your subconscious mind to accept new processes you can reframe the meaning of letting go of control. Stop for a moment and think about this:  “If you could explore and discover what life wants to give you, would you be afraid, frustrated and feeling negative?”  Probably not, because it is interesting. That is the whole point of letting go of control. If you let go of the control you will be able to explore, discover and accept whatever life brings to you.  Take, for example, little kids. They are eager to explore everything. So should you. Be an explorer, not controller.

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your perception.
2. READ about the comfort zone.
3. Take a short quiz to find out why Law of Attraction is not working for you
4  SEE the message FOR YOU.

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