How To Improve Memory?

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How to improve memoryWhen it comes to learning or remembering, we often tend to say:” I have a weak memory,” “It is too difficult,” “I am too old to learn.”  Well, all of this excuses are part of our beliefs and false perception even though we “think” that these opinions are the fact. In most cases, we never thought about how we remember and organize information. The truth is we do it automatically and unconsciously.

To be able to improve memory skill we need to know how the process works and :

  • what are our beliefs

  • what is the level of attention when it comes to remembering certain information

  • how we involve and use senses in processing information

Sorting and organizing information in our brain is usually related to how we store information. Some people remember information using timeline. Other can access memories associated with other people they know, things they have, emotions they felt, places they were, and so forth on. So, the ability to memorize is without limits, and you can easily have surprising results as soon as you began to understand how your sorting pattern works. 

Here are few tips that can help:

Think about your representational systems

We all have our primary representational system by which most of the information is processed and remembered. For example, if your primary representational system is visual, you would probably have difficulty in remembering names you hear. If you are in the conversational situations and need to remember the name of another person, you can help yourself by imagining the name on other person’s face. That is how you will access information when you try to remember. Your brain will search picture instead of trying to remember the sound. The same is with other systems. A person who is good with physical work tend to process information in a kinesthetic way, and maybe they cannot even explain in words what they are doing. It is often situation they say: “Let me show you.”

Pay attention to the present moment

If your mind is preoccupied with inner conversations, probably you will not be able to remember anything. For example, if you try to learn for an exam but you think about your fight with boyfriend or girlfriend you will not be able to store information in a way you could easily access to them. In self-development terminology, it is well known that every thought that is dominant will expand. The same is if you always have situations related with “forgetting something.”  It is a very common in relationships as a reason for frustration or fight. Women say something to husband, and he forgets over and over again. Or, maybe another way around. Those situations can be easily solved if both sides are aware of processing and storing information. For example, if you want something that other side needs to do, check first do you have their full attention. That is how you break their internal conversations and thoughts and bring them back to present moment where they can process, store and remember what you are saying to them.

Practice VAK memorizing

To be better at memorizing you should practice all three main representational system, Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

For visual practice, you can do following: sit down on the chair and obverse the space you are in. Try to make mind photographs of all the things you can see. Then say it at loud and check what you have remembered. Of course, you should do exercise in unknown space to have better results.

For auditory practice, you can listen to some song or some audio program and try to repeat.

For kinesthetic exercise, you can choose some physical activity. For example try to repeat particular dance movement you saw, or any other action (cooking, hairstyle, decorations..etc.)

Have daily positive routines

People who have implemented positive methods like meditation, journaling, exercise, affirmations into daily schedule tend to have better memory and better personal results. All of this is part of NLP teachings which is very useful and practical tool for every life & business situation. 

Try to remember this:

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your daily routines.
2. Read more about affirmations and success. 
3. Try how it works subliminal affirmation software.
4  SEE the message FOR YOU.

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