How To Improve Emotional Intelligence?

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How To Improve Emotional Intelligence?As it is evident, emotional intelligence becomes more and more important for most employers. Every company wants to have top performers, people who create long-term results, individuals who are “easy to do business with.” Those people have the high level of 
emotional intelligence.  We can define emotional intelligence as the ability to understand, manage and express one’s feelings, as well as engage with emotions and reactions of others. It is self-development journey with lots of hard work on yourself.

To understand Emotional Intelligence more properly here are four key attributes for developing high level of emotional intelligence

1. Self-control

It means being capable of controlling and channeling your negative emotions. We all face up with a huge amount of stressful situations. Self-control certainly is not a skill you can develop in short period. This skill is on the test every day, and it demands the ability to think before reacting. Practically it means to respond rather than react. If you let only reactions to lead your decisions, you will feel negative and frustrating. Responding is the quality of self-control. It is a conscious process of acknowledging the feelings and deciding how you want to react. Self-control is crucial in resolving conflict negotiations, and there are many tools how you can improve your self-control and reduce stress level.

2. Empathy

One of the key elements of EQ is empathy. It is the awareness of feelings and emotions of others. Often we describe empathy as “putting yourself in other people shoes.” However, it is vital communication skill for developing the long-term relationship. For example, if customer service representatives have no empathy for clients problems it will be tough to find appropriate communication level and get a loyal customer. It is simply not possible. The results will be low-quality service and potential customer churn. 

3. Self-awareness

Self-awareness is being aware of your perception, your personality, emotions, moods, behaviors, having a clear understanding of your thoughts and connections with other people. That is how you develop self-awareness. It is paying attention to all these expressions of thoughts and emotions and understanding them.

4. Passion & Motivation

If you have passion, then you will be motivated. You need to love what you do and know what reasons will drive you to give the best of yourself even when obstacles occur. If you are on a high vibrational levelyou will attract people in more a natural way. It is like you go to coffee shop or bank and you meet people who are energetic and passionate to help you with no expectations what so ever whether you will buy something or not. Those people are top performers, great sellers, and relationship builders. Employers are willing to pay those people as much as they need because they bring results.

Developing Emotional Intelligence is not just developing one skill. It is a matter oftraining and accepting new behaviors to achieve positive results. So if you want to get your promotion, have more success in your business and personal relationship start practicing self-development tools. Be willing to do hard work on yourself; then success will be the consequence.

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