How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

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 How to Get Out of your Comfort ZoneHave you noticed how small kids do not have any problem with getting out of the comfort zone? They are eager to explore, stretch and grow. They enjoy life until we unconsciously program them with our fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs.

Like for the little kids, everything that you want is out of your comfort zone, outside of your beliefs, rationality, known ways, routines, skills, thoughts, emotions.

Your comfort zone is only an illusion because you cannot expect everything will stay the same. There is no such thing as the safety because all the time something shows up to feel discomfort. So, when you know that nothing is steady, then you can decide to utilize the effect of a change in your favor. There are so many self-development tools that can help you establish necessary selfconfidence and abandon old beliefs that not serve you anymore. Maybe you will need the coach to get started, or some other self-development program but be assured that all successful people consistently live out of their comfort zone. The only difference between you and them is that they are comfortable with being uncomfortable.

They accept “stretch zone” as their comfort zone because they know:

Discomforts are only temporarily

Nothing will last forever not even discomfort. In fact, it lasts very shortly, and after few repeats, you have a different emotion. It is wrong to use discomforts as an excuse for not taking action in the direction of your goals and dreams. Successful people are inspired by their goals and use them to transcend temporary feelings of discomfort. So, what you cannot take? Be shortly discomfort? Hm..

You can walk even in small steps

You make the rules how you want to achieve what you want. You are a creator. We all have different limiting beliefs, and it is not necessary to use same methods. Walking in small steps will still make you to the finish line. Don’t take unnecessary pressure on yourself at the beginning. Walk in small steps to learn how to accept stretch zone as your comfort zone. After a while, you will have more confidence for larger steps.

It is extraordinary feeling to impress yourself

If you are not aware by now, it is your life. And it is your right to be happy, to achieve whatever you want. Because you can. So, decide to impress yourself. Remember the feeling of situations when you said: “Wow, I did not know I can do it.” Make as many those situations “Wow” moments. 

If you do mental homework things are getting easier

Having successful daily rituals is the secret element of every success. These routines help you to break old beliefs, gain more confidence, condition your mind to changes. To be comfortable with uncomfortable successful people use different self-development tools like meditations, visualizations, emotional freedom techniques, affirmation, coaching, online eventsetc..

Once you have experienced joy beyond the comfort zone, you do not look back anymore.  

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