How To Get Into The Vortex?

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How to get into the vortex?If you have started to learn more about Law of Attraction,  this subject should be familiar. Vortex terminology is used in Abraham- Hicks teachings.

Vortex is best described as creative energy of who-we-really are. Being in the Vortex means you can see the world through the eyes of your “total self.”  It is simply the connection or alignment between your non-physical self and your physical self. It is also described as the vibration of Source Energy, of God, of the Universe.

Getting in the Vortex is basically matter of emotional or vibrational change. To be in the Vortex (from the Law of Attraction perspective) is sensing that feeling of happiness and satisfaction. You shift your emotional and vibrational state from lower to higher. When you do so, not only will you feel happy, content, secure and joyful, but you are being the vibrational match for all you are asking for. That is how Law of Attraction works and how you get what you want. First, align yourself with your inner being, solve your feelings and beliefs and become vibrational match.

Being in the Vortex

Being in the Vortex is feeling positive emotions like love, excitement, joy, enthusiasm (mainly high vibrations). If you ask yourself:How am I feeling right now“ you will instantly know whether you are in the Vortex or not.  When you are in the Vortex, then words you speak are incredibly powerful because you are in alignment with your true-self, and you are totally congruent. When you feel thoughts of fears, insecurity, depression, it only means your vibration is very low and your “inner being” is alarming you to let you know that is not who you are. Have you ever wonder why feelings of fear, anxiety or depression are so discomfort? Simply because it is not a natural state of your inner being, it is a disconnection of your total self. That means being out of the Vortex.  To be out of the Vortex is like you are trying to drive a car without fuel. Yes, you have your desires, wishes, positive thoughts, but without being in the Vortex, you cannot move. That is how it works.

There are many ways to get in your Vortex – and different things work for different people, but you have to develop emotional awareness. For starting your journey of self-discovery, you can use the wide range of self-development tools like meditation, emotional freedom techniques, teachings of Abraham-Hicks and all others. It takes consistency and willingness to make the deliberate change in your life. It is not going to be easy, but you can make it. Start. 

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