How To Get A Perfect Job in 5 steps?

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How to get a perfect job in 5 stepsIt is often an illusion how everyone is good for being an entrepreneur. It can be frustrating if you force yourself. So, how to get a perfect job even though you want to work for someone else?

Entrepreneurs are always seeking for good employees, and they are ready to hire you if you have what they need. However, you cannot be an average. The best guidance in this process is the rule win-win-win. Three parties need to get what they want: your employer, customers you are serving and you.

So, how to start?

1. Know what you want

You start with knowing what you want. If you do not know by now what’s your life purpose and goals, it is a perfect moment to decide finally. It will help you address what job is perfect for you. At this stage, you do not need to think about does position exists or not. That’s irrelevant. So many new positions are established in companies every year. Take for an example “customer experience.” Nobody thought about this position several years ago. Now, it is a common practice in almost every service companies just because someone identified “the problem.” Same is with digital marketing, social networks, etc..

2. Choose your employer

Just like that, you decide. Without limitations. You decide industry and company you wish to work. Maybe this will be IT, retail, real estate, finance or any other you feel comfortable to work in.

3. Do your homework

At this point, you need to invest your time and study your future employer. How does he operate, what’s his position on the market, what the customers and employees say about the company, what do you see as the problem, etc.. This could take a few days or even a week. No matter what position you want, this approach will differentiate you from all other potential candidates.

4. Define what you can give

Determine what you can give because it is the most important step. Now you explore all your qualities and give proposal what exactly you can do for your future employer. If you did your homework correctly, this would not be a problem. You just need to connect data from research with your qualities and put it into a specific proposal. For example,  your special quality for focus will help them achieve better results in less time, etc. Be aware of the win-win-win rule.

5. Send out your intentions

In typical job offer you only send CV, but in this case, you will not just send CV. You are sending a business proposal with the clear description:

  • Who you are, 

  • How do you see as current situation in the industry, competition, and weaknesses, 

  • Your qualifications, 

  • What you can specifically offer to them to satisfy their customers and management, 

  • Return of guarantees ( trail work if you want), 

  • Your contacts and proposal for a business meeting, etc.…

It is useful to apply this process to more than one company and pay attention not to sabotage yourself!! It will not work if you approach this work with thoughts of doubts, fear or any other negative emotion. Just won’t!! It will show up in the way you express words in the business proposal or live interviews. Your thoughts, emotions, and action need to be congruent.

Remember, only obstacles exist in your mind. Be willing to work on yourself, study self-development tools, reject beliefs that don’t serve you and take what you want from life.

What can you do next?

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