How To Feel Good After Eating?

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How to feel good after eatingNo matter whether you are in the process of diet or not, it is useful to know how we respond to certain food and what’s the connection between food and emotions.

As you probably know, every diet process is firstly an emotional journey.  On that journey, you need to prepare yourself mentally to have the successful diet.

There are common negative beliefs and statements about eating a “healthy” food suggested in a diet plan. So maybe you can catch yourself saying: “ Uuff, this taste awful.” However, it will not be possible to lose weight,  if you continue to eat unhealthy food and not having exercise. Buying diet plan will not change your weight numbers. You need to do the work.

The more you pay attention and consciously think about connections between your body, emotions, and food you will see the pattern and be able to control it. That is a way your diets will be more successful and easier to execute. Do you know

What food makes you happy?

Have you ever tracked result and saw why do you feel as you feel?


You can easily track connection between food and emotions by one small exercise and by creating emotional food diary.

To see the relationship between the food you eat and feelings, start with remembering all the food you eat in the average week period. Take a sheet of paper and in the form of table write everything you eat. For this purpose, you can combine your regular food with suggested diet food. It will be easier to see the difference. Mark your answers for the whole week or even more to get as many emotional states as you can for certain food. It will be interesting to identify how particular food is actually making you feel. Sometimes you think that hamburger will make you happy and probably it will for a short period. However, if you pay attention how your body responds and how you feel afterward, you will be able to see the difference and what food is „happy“ and „unhappy.

For example:

Food: mark everything you eat

Question 1: How I felt before I start eating? Describe your emotional state

Question 2: How I felt after the eating? Describe your emotional state after one or two hours. e.g., have the energy to work, to think, you feel emotions of happiness, joy, feel light and ready to do anything, feeling comfortable in your body.. etc.

Every food resolves hunger as your physical need, but it is more important to know how affects you and makes you feel. Once you are aware of these connections, you can resolve mental blocks more efficiently. In weight loss process it does not exist only one unique way. The best way is to combine mental and physical preparation in achieving desirable results.

Choose your tools and eat the food that makes you feel good. 

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of emotions & feelings after eating.
2. READ about the importance of breathing.
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4  SEE the message FOR YOU.

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