How To Deal With Grief And Loss?

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How-to-Deal-With-Grief-and-LossIt is good to talk about happy and joyful moments but how to deal when it comes to the death of loved ones, someone you cared a lot?

There is no easy way but to go throughout the process of sadness and grief, and it cannot be quickly (neither the other things can). You can feel overwhelmed in those moments, with no strength to carry on. It is good to know that these are transitory emotions and there are here as part of the healing process. We often in those moments hear how time will heal all the wounds. Somehow I do not find this so true because there are still people who cannot deal with their loss even after 20, 30 years. Time passed, but the wounds are still open. It is better to say that only LOVE can heal all the wounds, not time.

It is unique for everybody, but in the process of grieving, it helps to be aware of important elements you need to go through.

Monitor your feelings but don’t repress them

Expressing loss can be in a different ways and behaviors, there is no right or wrong way to grieve. One thing is true, these states are extremely emotional intensive, and every human being cannot avoid it. In those intense moments, it is important to monitor your thoughts to stop self-destructive or even suicidal thoughts. However, allow yourself to feel the feelings, and permit yourself to feel it, without making yourself wrong or judging yourself for what you are feeling.

Acknowledge what loss means for you

In moments of loss and especially afterward, it is important to be aware of what loss of dear ones truly meant for you in daily life. Maybe you have not had time to say goodbye, and you are reaching unconsciously to do same daily rituals which you regularly did with that person. You should not skip inner work and see have you made emotional peace with yourself what loss will mean in your daily life. Clear your mind by either writing it out or by telling the story to your closest friend or consular. This process helps to wash out and let go of all restrained emotions.

Feelings that are not released in the first weeks or months can still occur in even more and in an intensive way for anniversaries, birthdays or holidays. So nothing of those emotions cannot be ignored because they are here for you to acknowledge them and let them go.

Don’t isolate yourself from real life

Another day will show up no matter how we feel. Loving support from you closest will help you go throughout the intensive emotional stages, but it is up to you later to move on with your life. Regular meditations or exercises will help you to change your emotional state and feel better.

At some period of our lives, we all go through those emotional stages. Be strong and love.

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your feelings
2. READ about how to meditate.
3. Explore more online course: “How to Heal A Grieving Heart.”
4  SEE the message FOR YOU.

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