How To Create Powerful Affirmations?

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How to create a powerful affirmation.jThere so many powerful self-development tools at disposal which are designed to improve quality of our lives. We decide what suits us the best. Affirmations are certainly one of the compelling tools you can use to change your subconscious mind. Nowadays we have even special computer software and digital mind tools to help us use this power more efficiently. 

Of course, as for everything, it is useful to know the guidelines for achieving the best results.

1. Define what you want

If you have a list of your goalsit is beneficial to create affirmations for every goal or just for the most important ones.

2. Use VAK principle

In creating your affirmation follow VAK principle to describe what you want in Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic terms.

  • Visualize your goal ( e.g., car. Place yourself inside the picture you are imagining and see the world inside the car you are driving)

  • Hear the sounds you would like to hear as you have already achieved your goal. Are other people with you? What do you hear them saying?

  • Feel the feeling you want to have as you have created what you want. Include emotional state you would feel if you had already achieved the goal. ( e.g., commonly used expressions: proudly, happily, fully, peacefully, calmly, confidently lovingly, etc.)

3. Start with I am.”

The words “I AM,” are holy expressions for the name of God—the highest aspect of yourself. Your inner being, the soul, is always connected with everything that exists. That is why your subconscious mind takes any form that starts with I am” and interprets it as a command. Use it wisely.

4. Write in a present time: “AS- IF.”

Everything you seek already exists, you just need to experience it. So, write it in a preset time and allow your mind to sense this experience fully.

5. Use positive and action words

To demonstrate present moment use active verbs ending with -ing ( e.g., constructing, expressing, communicating, enjoying..)

6. Leave the space for surprise

At this point, you can write your powerful affirmation with all you can perceive. Be aware that we live in the multidimensional world and your wanting results does not have to be as you have imagined. The best way to finish your affirmations is with: “ …. I want all that or something better”. Maybe at this point, you think something is best for you and don’t perceive that even greater things are waiting for you just around the corner.

Here are guidelines, try to make your own.

I am (3) so happy and grateful (5) that I now (4)… Your goal ( 1) in VAK principle (2) positive action words (5). I want all that or something better (6).

Affirmations definitely work, and you can use them efficiently in many ways. If you condition yourself for success, you will not have regrets for the future. 

What can you do next?

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4  SEE the message FOR YOU.

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