How To Build Trust And Confidence

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How to Build Trust and ConfidenceEverything you read here on self-development tools is written to describe how self-development / personal development/ self-improvement / Law of Attraction works as objectively as it could be, with the intention to empower you to find your unique approach using common sense” and benefits of all self-development tools.

No question about, it is tough to be focused when “everything is against you,” and you have a feeling that your life is falling apart. From your health, financial situation to family relationships. One bad thing following another. The last thing you want to hear is self-development or Law of Attraction. Am I right?

Yes, these are different perspectives. Of course it easier to make progress and be more receptive when you do not have to “worry” about your basic needs. But when you are on the way to hit rock bottom, or you have already on the bottom that’s the most important period of your life to do the right thing. Not to despair or fall into self-pity but to use self-development tools and rise above all negativity, reframe pain and aim your attention, focus and strengthen yourself to the new beginning. That is all you need to do. There is no reason to abuse yourself with big goals and attracting millions of dollars or other “big wishes”  because you cannot get those things before you are ready to receive it. That is the whole truth. Don’t skip and misinterpret the basic lessons. It will only do you harm. Universe / God / Infinite Intelligence / Creator will provide you all necessary help even when it seems nothing good can happen. Those are the moments to repeat yourself as much as you can: All is well, help is on the way.” Because it really is. If you stay on the bright side, darkness will go away. The only valid suggestion we can give you is to start with baby steps till you get to the safe side. These are the moments when you need to learn how to build your trust and confidence.

Here are few tips that can help you:

Look for Little Miracles

Look for little signs, and synchronicities.  Do baby steps. You cannot expect to win a lottery if you are dead broke. It is normal you are not receptive to attract money because your focus is on lack. It is a long and deep hole between those sides. Don’t jump. Concentrate on other ways to improve your situation and learn how to release limiting beliefs which do not serve you.

Let it be

If you keep resisting or pushing back, nothing good can come because you are not allowing the Universe to give you its grace. Follow the path of least resistance means do not make it harder than it should be. 

Be honest with yourself

If you feel doubt, fear, anxiety, it is ok, because these are feelings to help you ground yourself and find your focus. Just be honest with yourself and say you feel doubt and fear. Don’t ignore those feelings. But also ask yourself: “Even though I feel doubt and fear are there something I can do to start feeling better and notice opportunities?”. Your mind will help you find the answers and start moving.

Practice self-development tools

Everything is a process, and it takes time. It is not so important “time” as linear perspective but your attitude to relearn and unlearn old programs. Look only how nature works. All the trees, flowers, plants have complete trust in Universal power. Learn from the flower in the mud. It can help you learn the process.

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your limiting thoughts.
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4  SEE the message for you. 

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