How To Be More Creative?

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How to be more creative.Maybe you have thought how creativity is not something you can have, learn or develop. Well.. It is a skill like every other, and available to all of us. The only question is how many blocks you need to remove and how to train your mind to access in a creativity mode or better to say “exploring” mode. The more you make creativity a part of your daily life, the more you will develop this skill. Productive creativity arises on the surface when you are in the positive vibrational state. In those moments creativity will produce solutions and unlock the potential of individuals. It is enough to take lessons from little kids who express their creativity as they play or just ask questions to explore what’s in their environment.

Creativity is a process, and it needs time and conditions to be revealed. Being creative means, you feel feelings of excitement, playfulness, satisfaction. One simple question like If there are no limits what could be possible? can start the process of creativity.

Obstacle to creativity

Productive and positive creativity can be blocked by:

  • Fear of being judged for “stupid” idea

Some creative ideas will not be attractive to everybody. And they do not need to because we all have a different set of beliefs and understanding. After all, airplanes, cars, computers.. came out as creative ideas of people who did not care about others opinions.

  • Lack of time

How often people fall into a trap by saying I do not have enough time.” These statements are ideal for transforming your mental condition to the stressful mode and low vibrational state. Take a chance to free and open your mind. It is easier.

  • Comfort zone as secure place

For expressing creative ideas, you will need to have the self-confidence to leave the comfort zone. Everything that is fun, innovative and creative is always outside of “usual” and known. If you doubt in your creative abilities just remember how creative you are every time you go to sleep and dream. That is right. Your dreams are a most creative process you do.

Develop positive creativity

Creativity begins with the words “CREATE.” That is the real process of the manifestation, and you can create whatever you want. Universal Laws support your mind and feelings in everything. It is up to you to use it a positively or negatively. Unfortunately, most people became experts for negative creativity. So it is essential to be aware in which direction we develop our creativity. To develop a productive and creative idea focus on:

  • Being in good feeling state

If you are full of negative emotions, you will need to use self-development tools to remove stressful feelings and allow your mind to give you positive & productive creative ideas. You can condition and relax your mind through meditation techniques. 

  • Ask as many questions you can

Start with what if  and get some answers but don’t stop on those answers because creation is not a one-time action; it is an ongoing process. It is useful to continue with other questions like: what more,” “how more..” etc. Your mind wants challenges so enjoy in this game of asking “creative” questions.

  • Read about something new

Willingness to learn something new helps you to be more adaptive to change and improve your creative thinking. Read, read, read.

  • Involve others and be curious

You can develop creativity being with your kids, or just being interested in something unknown. The creative thinking process is applied in business as well as in other areas. Find other “explorer” people and enjoy sharing ideas.

If you are on the journey for having the successful life, you will need to develop positive and productive creativity. Use self development tools and be creative. 

What can you do next?

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