How Positive Thoughts Attract Negative Outcome?

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 How positive thoughts attract negative results.Since the movie Secret” came out, many people started to practice Law of Attraction. However, in those beginnings, there were a lot of missed details. I would say we are NOW ready to explain Law of Attraction for a wide audience in a way it can be applied correctly. During last few years many practical self-development tools were created to help people to achieve success and use Universal principles. It progressed from the philosophical level to the practice. Self-development tools of all great teachers in the industry are necessary for answering the questions “HOW..” It is not “secret” anymore. Neuroscience, quantum physics, biology.. they all explain power we have in us. Everyone is unique and resonate differently, and it’s not you will use only one program for increasing your skills. Depending on where you are right now, you will find the best tool for start. 

In early beginnings of Law of Attraction teachings, it is evident that many lessons were misinterpreted. The best example is “positive thinking.” It is not about you force yourself to think positive to attract what you want. It does not work like that. Yes, Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts and feelings. However, it is far more beyond simple understanding: “Think positive, and you will get  what you want.” NO!!! The Law of Attraction is not some wishful or positive thinking. If you just do that, it will not give you the experience you want.  To get what you want,  you will need perseverance and understanding of other Universal laws, the process of creation (manifestation), subconscious mind, limiting beliefs, positive daily rituals.. and a lot more. Law of Attraction is not trivial. It needs time and commitment to unlearn and learn the process.

Try to pay attention to this:

Every dominant thought (repeated thought) mixed with feelings (emotion) is a congruent process.

That means if you do not have inner conflicts about wanting subject the path to manifestation is clear.

Let’s suppose you say: “I want to be millionaire” (thought) but your feelings are fear, anxiety, depression because of your lack of money. What do you think will be the result?

If you do not transform your feelingsyour positive thoughts will be useless. That is how positive thoughts attract negative outcome.  

The Law of Attraction is not trying to make your life miserable. The Law of Attraction is doing its job – it gives people with what they are congruent the most.   It is a very valuable lesson to know how positive thoughts can still make negative results if you do not pay attention to your feelings. Words and thoughts have no power without feelings. So if you want different results, you will need to deal with feelings and your inner dialogue to remove obstacles to your success. Moreover, it is a process. It takes consistency and willingness to master these skills.

However, you decide what is easier, to stay in drama and victim role or learn self-development tools to live a joyful life. 

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