How Old People Can Be Successful?

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How old people can be successfulEverything here on self-development tools is only the words. Words are here to teach you, but they cannot give your life experience. You are responsible for implementing all this powerful programs and techniques and creating a life that you want. For everyone, it will be different. As you begin to focus on positive things and feel better, you will notice your real passion. Somehow you will begin to feel the power of the Universe. Everybody felt that feeling. It is that feeling you can do anything. You do not need to climb Mount Everest to feel this sense because every time you are passionate about something you feel that feeling. It is called being alive.

We can use the same tools, but your life experience will be different from mine. It is because you are the creator of your experience. And as you know, creation begins with a thought. One thought, and another and another creates momentum and action. When you focus long enough to feel your passion, you will attract creative potential to achieve better results.

Maybe you can even agree with everything above, but your mind is making excuses like :

  • There is not enough time to accomplish it,

  • I am too old to start something new,

  • My time is gone to make this kind of changes,

  • I cannot start working on myself, what about others?

  • What if I fail…

What to say about this excuses? If you are in mature or old age, this lesson is for you. If you are in young or youth age, this lesson is also for you. It is a lesson to avoid 20 years from now how you had the same excuses for living the life.

There is nothing you cannot accomplish once you master necessary alignment with your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Every day you can read about successful examples of people accomplishing great achievements in mature or old age. Can old people be successful? YES! Look just an example of Louise Hay. She started her publishing company Hay House at the age of 62!! At age 75 she stated,” I am 75, and very alive! ”. She lived joyfully and fulfilled life and peacefully passed away at the age of 90 and the same day as dear Wayne Dyer. Being, aware of those possibilities all excuses are useless. It is not about age, circumstances, money, or any other material obstacle. It is about us. About our limiting beliefs and not being willing to write own life story.

How to start, how to know you are “aligned”?

Every beginning can be confusing. Words will not teach you like your life experience. To accomplish any great goal or dream, you begin with alignment.  It is a straightforward process, and it looks like this:

Wanting and believing is alignment.

Wanting and expecting is alignment

Expecting something unwanted is not alignment

Your excuses are “unwanted” part. Once you dismiss all of your excuses, you will be ready to make and see the best of yourself. So start working! 

What can you do next?

1Be AWARE of current life experience
2. READ to see do you live life intentionally or by default.
3. JOIN the FREE online  Abundant Life Virtual Training and start living!
4  SEE the message for you. 

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