How Looks Your Perfect Day?

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Have you ever thought about your “perfect day”?. If not, now it is time to seriously think about it if you want to learn more about your deepest desires.

How looks your perfect day?This exercise can help you discover your goals from another perspective. Successful people and all of us in self-development industry talk about how important it is to know what you want. Well, from my personal experience, it is not so easy at all. Especially in the beginning, with everything you need to deal with (difficult history, not supportive environment. etc.). In such emotional states, your answers would probably be like: “I want success”; “I want to be happy”; “I want to have financial independence”… That is all OK, but these are only results. You have to define how and why you want to achieve it. If you have the hard time to be specific maybe you need to ask yourself this important question :

How would my perfect day look like? If there are no limits, no consequences, how would I spend my ideal day? “

Just stop for a moment and be aware how your brain perceived that question. It is a challenging question, but be willing to find the answers. We all want to live a life full of great things and emotions. If we pay attention to how we live life today, we will see that most of are some regular days.

And that is normal! Even in your “new life” you will need to live normal days. That is your perfect day. The day you are willing to live day after day. But, with no limitations. You are the creator of your day. Just think:

What experiences you would like to experience every day without ever get bored by it? “

Interesting questions? Now it is time to find your special notebook and write the answers

Your answers should be about experience. E.g., I want big house it is not experience. You can have whatever big house you want and write about specific details, but it is more important to describe the feeling in this house, what gives you the joy of living in the house with all the things in the house, how you use it, etc..

Remember, the experience is what are you looking for. So look for answers in that direction. Here are some questions that can help you to start. 

  • Where would I live? How my house would look like?

  • When would I wake up? What’s the first thing I would do? What’s the first thought I would think in the morning?

  • What would I have for breakfast? What would I do after breakfast? Where would I go? How would I dressed?

  • How would my perfect job look like? What would I like to do for my fulfilling work time?

  • What would I eat for lunch?

  • How would I end my first part of the day?

  • How do my social relationships look like? With whom I like to spend time? How do my friends look like? What do I talk about them?

  • How are my relationships? What my family or relationships would look like? What qualities would I like others to see in me?

  • How would I end the day? What would I eat for dinner? When would I go to bed?

  • Would I like to repeat it all over again in 80% of all of my days for the rest of my life?

After you find answers to these questions,  you will be able to see your goals & desired life in a much clearer way. Next step is: don’t stop, work on yourself, start your journey. 

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