Healing Benefits Of Tears

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Healing Benefits Of TearsTears are your body’s natural system for emotional release. We cry in the situation of sadness, grief, anxiety, stress, frustration but also in happy emotional situations like proud moments of personal victory or even team or national success. These are emotional tears. Of course, emotional tears have a different effect than reflex tears on smoke or the wind. However, all tears are body protectors.

Nothing is embarrassing about crying. If you are in a high tense situation crying will not increase your stress level, but on the contrary, it will release and normalize hormone levels. Humans are the only creatures known to have this gift of emotional tears.

Here are some of the healing benefits of crying:

Stress relief and restoring emotional balance

Crying is only a way of how your body naturally restores emotional balance. People who suppress their emotions and force themselves not to show “vulnerability” are creating a high level of stress in their body and totally different chemical reactions. It is unhealthy and unnatural to do so. We all know statements like: “Crying is for girls, not men. “. And it is so wrong. Emotionally repressed people usually have problems with expressing and identifying their emotions, they have the difficulty of opening up, sharing thoughts, emotions, and feelings with others. So, don’t whine for no reason, but cry if you need!

Improves mood, changes perspective

No matter how difficult and overwhelming situations can be, crying is like allowing the fresh air to come into the room. It is hard to breathe, think or find solutions if you are in the room without air. Crying will make you see a different perspective and clear the blur from your vision.

Detoxify your body

Now it is well known that tears help your body to remove certain toxins which appear through the high intensive emotional situations. Of course, researchers will bring in future, even more, reveals about healing benefits of tears.

Crying like laughing is essential for having a healthy and balanced emotional state. Giving yourself this emotional freedom will improve your mental health, but for some people, it will not be an easy assignment. They will need to find the way how to let go and permit themselves to cry. It will take the same kindness to yourself like in situations when your best friend feels heaviness and starts crying. Then you will probably hug him and tell him to let it all out. Most beneficial is to use Emotional Freedom Techniques as one of the most powerful self-development tools to remove emotional blocks. So, grab a tissue if you need and let it go.

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